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  1. thanks! @devious6 i make loads of flash, i'm been trying to do more of a super skinny line thing with even fewer colors most recently
  2. thanks for the mention @ibradley, i think if you want to make traditional tattoos, you should reference older tattoo flash. for me it gets a little boring to just repaint the older images, though there is nothing wrong with that. i have been applying the brion gysin/william burroughs technique of cut-ups to try to make something new, while staying very rooted in traditional tattoos. there is a great book called Milton Zeis: Tattooing As You Like it that you should check out if you haven't already. I'm including a picture of some of my latest flash, just to give you something to look at.
  3. Just thought I'd put a post here to have everyone check out my Etsy. I try to paint pictures when I'm not tattooing, so please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/briankellyarmy and see what I've done!
  4. From Brian Kelly's handpainted flash collection. Rose of No Man's Land, Berlin
  5. briankelly


    Brian Kelly, Rose of No Man's Land, Berlin
  6. Pretty excited that Gentleman's Tattoo Flash is now selling my work! https://www.gentlemanstattooflash.com/node/1406
  7. just wanted to comment on this old thread that the best place to get a walk-tattoo in Berlin is at http://roseofnomanslandberlin.com
  8. i remember the feeling i had on my first session of my back when the machine started up and then cut into me for the first couple of lines. i thought, this is completely retarded. i'm never even going to see this thing..
  9. just started instagram. @brianmfkelly
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