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  1. cmmercer13

    Butt tatts

    Butt Monkey and Witch
  2. cmmercer13

    Full frontal

    Lotsa tattooers
  3. cmmercer13

    Howdy, folks

    @marley mission Thanks. Didn't know how to do it. There are several posted now.
  4. cmmercer13

    Rock of Ages

    Steve Byrne
  5. cmmercer13

    Decapitated Geisha

    Aaron Coleman
  6. cmmercer13

    Girl head and snake

    Steve Byrne
  7. cmmercer13

    Chest Panel of an Alien

    Jeff Rassier
  8. cmmercer13

    Oni Head

    Timothy Hoyer
  9. cmmercer13

    Gorilla Head

    Tony Hundahl
  10. cmmercer13


    Imagery is powerful, and does not always need words to express what I think you are after. Consult a tattooer; he or she can steer you in the right direction.
  11. cmmercer13

    Howdy, folks

    Joined a while back, but never did follow up with the commenting on posts stuff. I'm just a collector, from Virginia, and don't have a whole lot of space left. Have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great people (both artists and collectors) along the way. I hope to be able to contribute something to the forum while I'm here. Cheers, folks.
  12. cmmercer13

    Telling My Parents

    It started out that way for me, too. My parents have 0 tattoos, and my grandfather had his forearm tattoos removed, which he acquired in Hawaii in the early 60's. After getting several "nice" tattoos, my parents were supportive, and understood that I took the hobby of collecting seriously, and it meant a great deal to me. Now, my Mom loves several of my friends that tattoo for a living, and has even commissioned one of them for a painting to hang at her home. I hope your folks end up like mine did.
  13. "It means I got tattooed that day." That's my first response, honestly...and it tends to quiet the person asking (because we all know that fellow collectors would never say anything like that.) It usually just kinda stuns the asker, as they think "How could a tattoo mean nothing more than that?"
  14. cmmercer13

    Howdy, Folks

    @hogg Tomorrow night. Can't wait.
  15. cmmercer13

    Howdy, Folks

    Screw diets. I'm a restaurant employee; live fat, die young. Thanks for the advice. I'll eat a lot of street food. Gravy at 8:30 am, for sure. After that, it's open (Whitehead at 2:00.)