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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Darcy Nutt last night at the Carolinas Tattoo and Art Gathering. Was not expecting to get work done, was just going to look around and hang out. Saw that Darcy was there and couldn’t resist. Fits perfectly. Very very happy!
  2. Thanks! i am stoked with it. And you are right....couldn't believe how fast he is.
  3. Mr. Oliver Peck was visiting in Asheville yesterday at Hotstuff and i was able to get in for a quick oneshot.
  4. New one today. By Will Lollie at Hotstuff. Drawn on.
  5. I don't have near the coverage of a lot of people here (full left sleeve, and lower right arm), but the little swallow I just had done on my right inner wrist topped them all pain wise.
  6. He is amazing. Both swallows were hand drawn on. Great artist, great tattooer, and great guy!
  7. Three new ones last night by Will Lollie! My wife and I got "matching" swallows and I also got the bison head. I've also added a quick picture of my healed foodog.
  8. Session with Will Lollie at Empire last night. Finished the foodog sleeve and started on my right arm with this traditional wolf head. Will post pics of the foodog once healed.
  9. Appt with Will Lollie tomorrow to hopefully finish my foodog sleeve. Ready to get this one done so I can start on the other arm.
  10. Way too early to worry. Give it a couple weeks.
  11. Is it normal for shops to not do touch ups?
  12. I was nervous when I started below t-shirt line. Being a professional, I wasn't sure how it would go over. I wore long sleeves while at work for about a month. I finally realized I just didn't care. If I'm good enough at what I do or the service I provide, it shouldn't matter. So I stopped. I've come to find, even when meeting with millionaire developers or "old money" powerful people, the majority are mainly curious. In fact, even at big meetings, it seems lately that the first 5 or 10 minutes is questions about my tattoos. Of course the first one is always, "did it hurt?". The only time I
  13. @sighthound My wife and i were in there on mother's day weekend. We spent the day together in Asheville and both got some work done. That was probably my 4th visit with Will and i am more impressed each time. @BrianH I love the colors. I told Will to do whatever he wanted. Turned out awesome and I can't wait to get the rest of my arm finished.
  14. Foo dog sleeve progress by Will Lollie. Peonies colored.
  15. Had a short 2 hour session Friday evening to get the foo dog shaded. Having a hell of time healing this one. It's on the inner forearm and scabbed up pretty bad. Feels like every time I move, I pull it apart. Hurts like a bitch.
  16. major major dryness going on here. Starting to peel...just be in full peel mode by tomorrow. The wife will be thrilled with the flakes in the bed.
  17. do you heal differently in the the winter or summer months? Just got shading done on foodog sleeve Saturday. Other than washing, I'm using a little h2ocean i had leftover, maybe once a day. Everything great so far...but i imagine in the next couple of days, the peeling will begin.
  18. Few hours of shading progress yesterday by Will Lollie at Empire in Asheville.
  19. 1pm tomorrow... Will Lollie Couple more hours of work on the foodog.
  20. @Tornado6 that's a very good point. @Shaun1105 I was blown away at the number of tattoos. There were easily more tattooed than plain skinned. I saw one that looked like it had been puton with a knife dipped in ink. The poor girl was no older than 20.
  21. Just got home from a 3 day vacation at an indoor water park and hotel in Tennessee. I realized a few things! (There were probably 1-2 hundred adults at any given moment in the park) 1.) as a rough estimate, there was at the least 100's of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery walking around that place 2.) there was half that or more in tattoos 3.) I don't pretend to know very much about great tattoos, or claim to have great tattoos myself, but more than half of the ones I saw were just terrible. Just observations...I love bad tattoos as much as the next guy ?
  22. January 10th i have a short 2 hour session booked with Will Lollie for some more work on my foodog. Just don't have enough money after the holidays to get much done, but i can't wait any longer to get back on it.
  23. day 6...outline is in full peel mode. Only issue right now is the scabs/peels catching on my shirt sleeves.
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