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  2. Garver to continue on my arm and Rubendall to finally finish my leg! I had appointments in April for both then you know, the Corona. I am a little twitchy about flying to NYC for Garver, TBH. I plan to drive to LI for Mike.
  3. Play nice lol. You crack me up, I’ve seen so many of your posts and can’t help but giggle BUT some are sensitive. I feel there are two kinds of people who get tattoos (and this is me generalising)... ones who panic and worry, and ones who don’t give a shit and appreciate it for what it is.
  4. If you'd posted this you would have gotten very different responses. You didn't say it reddened, you said it DARKENED. Go forth and whine no more.
  5. Last week
  6. @Subzino Just plan your full body suit and be done with it. 🙂
  7. I do feel however below the wings seems a bit plain and empty compared to how dark all of the outside of my chest looks, hopefully it heals well and I can see the true colors soon however for now it looks like I may be adding some small angel silhouettes under the wings or something
  8. No worries. haha I'm used to being thought of as a girl...kind of figures when my username has Queen in the title. 😉
  9. Oh I'm so sorry!!! As I was typing my last post a little voice was saying "never assume gender" but I did anyway ahaha, my bad! PS i just saw your tat on the other page and it looks great! And yes it is a relief thank you!!! Edit: I just realised the tat on the other page wasn't yours you were just responding to it ahaha, pls ignore
  10. Looks great, man! You should be super proud!! Looking forward to seeing it without the wrap. 🙂
  11. I'm glad you got an answer! Must be such a relief for you. Btw, I'm a boy. Lol 😃
  12. I've figured out what may have happened! Firstly thank you Hollie (LOL grumpy bums ahahaha) and Queen Rocks for being understanding unlike the others here who are so quick to jump to assumptions like "I didn't spend time researching the right artist" - my artist has a wonderful reputation or that "I didn't do a quick search" lol as if I would be here if there was a any information out there about tats that darken instead of lighten during healing, which there isn't. Someone on another forum where I posted the same question (without anyone who jumped straight to "wait and see and stop whining, you irresponsible anxious newbie" routine) mentioned that since I haven't been out in the sun at all but my arm looks browner said perhaps I was having a mild allergic reaction which led to the skin reddening. I've spoken to the artist and switched creams now to something less heavy than the one she initially recommended and that seems to have helped a lot! It's only been a few hours but my skin is less red/dark so will keep using the new light cream. Thanks again for your help girls! To the others: keep an open mind, everyone's bodies are different 🙂
  13. This. I have a piece on my back that I've not once fretted over. But after I got my first "visible" tattoo I started going over every f*cking detail. This was after waiting a long time, searching for the perfect tattoo artist, consulting with the artist prior, etc. I was calculated. But as already noted, some people (such as myself) need that little bit of reassurance because maybe our anxiety gets the better of us. We're all wired differently. To the OP, to me it looks like you got a bit tanner. Not to worry, even if it is darker, it will still look great.
  14. LMFAO @ that GIF 🤣🤣 that cracked me up! honestly I think most people just want some kind of reassurance in most aspects with their questions. I know the main reason I joined initially was cause I had a crack on the inside of my ditch (little did I know there was a thread from years ago about healing ditches etc). Then I got paranoid about infection because I just lost my job and don’t have health insurance and you know the funniest thing? This is the first tattoo I can actually see, and saw during the healing process. The rest of mine are shoulder, collarbone, back. I mean I can see my collarbone in the mirror but not infront of my face like my arm... I honestly think that’s partly the issue, if you can see it, you can dwell on imperfections, how it’s healing etc etc. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  15. I know you can't tell me anything until it's healed, but what can you tell me? I'm with you on the no anxiety after getting a tattoo. I read about it and understand it, but I've never felt it. Probably because I waited so long, researched it so thoroughly, and took my time finding the right artist.
  16. Haha thanks! And today took about 4/5 hours so all together it was 8/9 hours for the whole chest piece. I’d say the middle part was the worst to be honest but the nipple area was kinda sore too
  17. Holy cow dude. That’s sweet! How many hours did it go be up taking? Did around your nipples suck!? I feel like that would be really tender lol
  18. Oh I know. I’ve been going back to a few years and there’s loads of the same stuff. Especially around Tattoo anxiety! I was actually surprised.. now maybe I’m weird because I never went through any of that...only type of anxiety I get is when I’m sitting there waiting for the artist to stab me with needles for hours LOL.
  19. Nah. He just speaks the truth. And people ask the same questions over and over a lot here instead of doing a quick search.
  20. I'm as pale as a ghost, too. My tattoos definitely pop. 😂
  21. Switched it up slightly so the clouds were on the outside - I’ll update once healed too
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