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  3. Heres 3 that have tattooed me recently (ish) and are selling stuff (I've put in orders to Elharper and Swearjar- Ben is doing Vans) - UK based of course. And... Ive attached a 3 years (give or take a month) photo of one of my magpies by Mr Dunning - just done on the right - today on the left - yes I know it's the wrong way round Actually - while none of us is getting tattooed - how about a pic of your favourite that you have had inked (or favourites that you have had inked) and a link to Instagram for the artist (or artists) what do you reckon?🙂
  4. My appointments with Garver and Rubendall were cancelled. Blah. That being said, I do have a cool commission happening. 🙂
  5. Just get it touched up again.
  6. I'm with SStu. Keep it clean and let it heal. The less futzing, the better.
  7. There are endless ideas in this genre. Try following this or similar for a while: but ultimately you should be looking for objects that resonate with you.
  8. SStu

    Never heal well

    Yep, fairly common topic that you'll find lots of historical treads about here. Everybody and how their skin reacts to products is different. There are a couple of us here who practice the "keep it clean and don't put anything on it" routine with great results.
  9. yeah, it doesn't look real saturated - but the line-work is nice
  10. so, you HAVE to wash it, a shower will not harm the tattoo, without seeing a pic of it we can't be sure, but a shower will not hurt a tattoo, it is usually something else, like scabbing or a poorly applied tattoo that causes issues.
  11. Hi. I have question so I just had my first tattoo done about 2 week ago it was a chest tattoo and I read online that showering can cause a patchy tattoo and I’m very careful with my tattoo but today I’m saying a little piece of my tattoo is patchy is cause by the shower( I take lukeshower not hot but not cold )?? Thank you everyone for the help!!:p
  12. Have an eagle on the back of my arm and some daggers on the side. I plan on doing an all black/grey patchwork sleeve. Wanting ideas for my upper arm as I’m not sure what to get.
  13. Dan

    Never heal well

    try I use the I have been using it for several years now on many tattoos, and this shit works great ! put it on 24 hours after the tattoo and leave it on for 4 or 5 days, take it off and it's healed. you can sleep, wear any clothing, shower, whatever with it on. the first 24 hrs after the tattoo I use cocoa butter and saran wrap,wash it with anti-microbial soap every few hours, wash it once more, dry it with clean paper towels, apply the saniderm on clean dry skin. BAM be sure and carefully shave the area to be tattooed and for several inches around it so the saniderm sticks good. that's my method, I have been getting tattooed for many many years and have tried EVERYTHING over the years,and IMO this is the best way.
  14. I have 12 tattoos and my last few have healed so badly that I am reluctant to get anymore done. I stick to the healing routine everytime using mild anti bacterial wash 2/3 times a day, make sure it is dry before I add a pure moisturiser. I used to use bepanthan but no matter how well I air dried it, it still gunks up. I then tried just coconut oil which is better but im still not healing well. My last 5 tattoos have been colour and I'm wondering if this may be the issue. So desperate to find a reason for it as I absolutely love my tattoos and have so many more I have spent a lot of time designing that I want done. Maybe I am destined to only get black fine line ones.
  15. I got this tattoo back in November. I had it touched up in mid-December from the same artist and it still looks like this. You can see on the “N” that it almost looks like my skin is coming through the ink on the right side. Is it time to get it touched up for a third time but by a different artist? The missed ink is very noticeable. Thanks for your help!
  16. Yep. Where do you live? Maybe we can steer you to a couple of quality options . . .
  17. What @Hogrider said. If someone says they can do it "cheap," run a mile. Quality tattoos aren't cheap. Also, not every tattoo artist will be comfortable tattooing scar tissue. Check around and ask a lot of questions if you find someone.
  18. Really wanted to check the photos but it's not available anymore! That's a pity - I'm thinking of holding a similar party in California this fall and I have a couple of crazy ideas connected to banners and stickers. I already found a good printing company: Hope everything will go in order!
  19. You need to see a tattoo artist to answer all those questions. Prices very widely, but good tattoos are NOT cheap. How long it takes depends on what you get and how much detail you put into it. Only you can judge "good enough." Do some research, find a good shop and book a consultation. Expect to drop a couple of grand for a really good tattoo.
  20. so i wanted to get a full thigh tattoo on both thighs to hide scaring and i was wondering about how long it would take how much it would cost and what i should and shouldnt do. Also would the tattoos be able to hide the scaring well enough if i get color.
  21. Please read this, thanks:
  22. Go read the forum rules. This is not a place to teach people how to tattoo.
  23. Reported. Scratchers not allowed. Bye.
  24. This is not a forum for insulting beginners either🤠 Next time when you don’t have anything constructive to say just don’t say anything at all! xx
  25. Yeah, that's definitely still healing, too. Still quite shiny.
  26. Many of the artists should be checking with hospitals and health departments. These are looking for people with experience in sterile practice.
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