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    • Shame on your artist for not going over the healing process with you. The flakes are DEAD skin. DEAD. DEAD. They aren't coming back and they are of no use to you. Just put the smallest possible amount of lotion possible on and the DEAD skin is going to flake off. 
    • sounds 100% normal.   before they are ready !?!?!???  LOL   holy shit ! let it heal ! it will be fine, mother nature made our bodies  pretty F***ing smart.   now, take a deep breath,  breath,   take a breath, now breath,  relax,trust me, it will be ok.
    • It is strarting to flake but im worried that the flakes come off prematurely when i wash it? And advice or tips on that? And when putting lotion on how can i do this without putting on too much lotion and bot taking off the flakes before their ready? 
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