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Hello everyone! I’d like to share my knowledge of something I’ve been studying for a little while. I am very new to tattoo products and am discovering more and more viable options each day for some of my friends/family. I’d like to show everyone the power of ProVitamin B5. ProVitamin B5 is a water soluble analog of Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid. This wonderful vitamin packs a punch for your skin. It is known to be a skin moisturizer helping to keep skin soft, smooth and healthy. It has also been known to soothe irritated skin. In addition, it is said to promote skin re-epithelialization (healing wounds). It’s truly amazing what this thing can do. With only a small amount of research I found a ton of facts about this. These qualities of moisturizing, soothing and healing make “onion skin” a thing of the past. Use a few sprays of AfterShock Hydrating Spray on your tattoo site when itchiness starts to relieve irritation and stop the itch dead.

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    • Yeah, try and keep it covered - at 3 days old you don't want to get it dragging through someone else's dance floor sweat. 
    • so I had to jump in here,jail house tattoos rarely have color in them and they are rarely "american traditional", whether you like it or not,a well applied "american traditional" tattoo will outlast pretty much ANY other style around. and second,that reference of tribal you posted was not a quality tattoo at all IMO,it's a mess IMO,there is no good color saturation,not a good design, and the middle band is scratcher shit  for sure, and yes,it's outdated trendy crap IMO. it doesn't make me "low class" or a snob to critique a tattoo,no matter what style it is,it's just my opinion.
    • Once again just to further my point on the above. What we have here is a tribal freehand custom tattoo. It has made its way on to this topic of worst tattoos due to someone disliking the style .... It has however been executed professionally.  I find that irritating, we all have our own personal tastes, I for example hate American traditional, even though I think they look like jail house convict tattoos if one was done well I wouldn't describe it as shit. Tattoo snobbery is low class. Tribal gets a bad rep but people fail to realise that 20 years ago they were bad ass. Guys, your cool tatts that you have today are going to look shite in 20 years time. Just like this tribal they all have an expiry date were they become outdated, and you'll have guys twenty years younger shaking their heads and smirking at your crap work (in their opinion). But if the tattoo is done well then it will be their just their cocky young minds getting the best of them. Peace out....but hey it's only skin at the end of the day.  
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