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Hi, my name is Jack. I'm 21 years old. Have three tattoos- some of which might be considered kinda bad(2 shitty stick n' pokes.) I'm originally from New York but have been living in Laramie, Wyoming for the past few months. I've been trying to do some research on artists/shops around Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Nebraska area and come across this site.

Been thinking about getting a Wyoming themed tattoo. Most likely I think I want to get an American Bison. Some of my friends back home have been tattooed by Bailey Hunter Robinson recently. I've seen some of his work (including a few American Bison tattoos) and really like his style. If anyone has recommendations for artists to go to with a similar style or just any good artists in general It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey Jack, welcome to LST. Have you looked into Cathedral Tattoo in Salt Lake City? They put on some nice looking traditional tattoos, and they seem to get some good guests. I know that Marina Inoue guests there fairly often and she's a great tattooer. It may be too short notice for you, but there's also a tattoo convention in SLC this weekend and the list of artists is pretty ridiculously impressive:

Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention - March 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2013

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Here's a picture of the stick n' poke on my leg. It was just finished and still bleeding when this picture was taken. It's from the cover of Minor Threat's "Out Of Step" EP. I'm not straight edge but this band is definitely one of my favorites. The other stick n' poke that I have is just a small X on my arm that's more embarrassing than anything really, and also makes people think I am straight edge.

Graeme, Cathedral was actually one of the few places I could find that sounded like it was worth going to. Also, Lifetime in Denver seemed like a good option too. How do conventions work? Can you actually get some work done at them?

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry for some reason I can't figure out how to post the picture. Still trying to figure out the forum and how to use a mac.

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You might have to wait for an admin to approve it, but if you click "go advanced" when you're writing your reply, you should be able to attach a picture to your post by the paperclip icon. Minor Threat stick n poke sounds pretty cool though...I think a lot of us here have a soft spot for punk tattoos.

And yeah you can get tattooed at a convention. Different artists approach conventions differently...some you have to book with in advance, some offer walk-ups, some will draw up designs specifically for the convention, and so on...but they're great places to see what people are doing and to talk to people. They're a great opportunity to get tattooed by people you'd otherwise maybe have to travel pretty far to see. Anyway, I think a bison tattoo is a great idea and I hope you get a good one.

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    • I'd still call your doctor and ask their opinion.  I'm betting that they might advise against it, you know docs and liability.  But, if I were in the same position, really wanted it and was in good health, I'd probably go ahead and do it. My wife's an RN and I just asked her.  She said that she wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as you keep any appendectomy incision bandaged and clean your tattoo as recommended.
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