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  1. @Gregor then you'll like their next record without me but much heavier sound and...yeah it's good, check it out!
  2. ok, I wasn't really gonna out it on the interwebs but me and my so kinda recently got engaged and shit...now i need a captain of a ship to wed us...
  3. @Gregor ,yes that is very true. gonna post something pretty much now! til then i'll open a cold one and listen to the almighty wolfpack(sooo much better than wolfbrigade as they call themselves now)jonsson is THE best hardcore singer in sweden, ever. tattoo related nerd info for you all: alingsås custom tattoos in sweden is owned by denis from Doom. police bastard! - - - Updated - - - ok i used to sing in this here band called misantropic. now they have another singer and are fuckin awesome! check them(us?) out! two first songs is my lovely singing.
  4. hahaha sooo awesome..was just listening to ch3 and started checking this thread... you guys got me diggin through my old records, especially crass records releases. gonna sit down and enjoy me some flux of pink indians, dirt and maybe some zounds. might even post some songs w/ my old band later if someone cares...all d-beaty and crusty shit...
  5. today is anti cimex day. isn't even 8a.m. yet and i've already blasted their 7"s now going on to criminal trap 12". might even throw in some extreme noise terror to round this day off!
  6. @JimmyS, yes you can! dudes name is magnus tufvesson, works at 2a långgatan tattoo in gothenburg sweden and he is good and talented and all that. gonna get myself a portrait....so now the guessing game of who it is starts!
  7. so, it is summer and i actually go out and do shit instead of reading n writing on this here forum....but i did book an appointment to git some tattzappery done next week. might even post a pic if i remember and shit. have a great summer ya'll!
  8. been skating a bit for the first time since my knees broke down a couple of years ago...been awesome and going pretty decent i must say. not as it once was but hey, i'm not getting any younger!
  9. i'd never cover anything....fuck sri lanka and their authorities. that's just sickening. buddha himself would've loved that tattoo....
  10. just been hanging out w/ @ChrisvK doing stuff, seein shit, and some other things as well. good times!
  11. "one of those things alchemist brew their stuff in". hembränningsapparat kallar vi dom hemma i norrland....
  12. @OutOfIdeas..I can only agree...fuck yeah punk rock!
  13. a kitsune is probably more badass than any iron maiden tattoo ever. his link is megadeth not maiden.... and yeah your tattoo will look awesome when you're 60!
  14. hi @Victor! that tattoo trees is shit. everything about it is stupid. am i an internet bully now? no i have an opinion. LST is for good tattoos and good tattooing. not for dumbing people down with that bullshit tree thing. oh, did i mention that tattoo tree is pure shit? i did did i?
  15. nice horse! gotta love a coleman tattoo....
  16. started working in the construction business a couple weeks ago...an old friend called me upp and offered me a well payed job at a building site...hard work but i'll afford good tattoos later on and people will have places to live. win win situation in my book! - - - Updated - - - and a little pat on my own back for being sober for two months now..(pretty good since everyone i know seems to work in a bar or just love drinking..)
  17. Hi @ElDrago! and welcome to this forum...please check out the vids and all threads and please, put down your tattzappers, guns or whatever you call them and never ever tattoo someone. you will fuck them up. not a question of if. it'll happen. but still, welcome. browse through this forum and you'll see that this is NOT a place for hep-c spreading and scarring, but good tattooing! let's keep it that way!
  18. have to do some computerhacking internetz doings and then maybe i'll git sum pics of my three cats up in here! they're adorable and annoying! (cats...)
  19. tip: quit your job and sit in front of your computer all day instead. then you won't miss a thing on LST!
  20. covering letters with a panther head? yes! and yeah everyone already pointed you in great directions! please let us know how it'll go!
  21. frankie hill was the first time i saw someone skate BIG...
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