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Well apparently my wording is poor on why I'm here lol. I'm 24 and an enthusiast of tats and looking at becoming an apprentice down the road once I finish up cosmo school. I currently have 4 tats, a Jack & Sally, Beetlejuice & Lydia, Rainbow stars, and Oblina from AAAHH! Real Monsters. I have plans for A LOT more. Left arm will end up being a Tim Burton sleeve. I'm hoping to meet some cool new people being from Kansas they are almost non existent lol. I'm 24 and dig the "normal" weird stuff like horror movies, rock/metla music (Female fronted) like Kittie, Otep, Jack Off Jill, Dresden Dolls, etc... nature, hookah, 420. Pretty open so ask any questions

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See the thing that says Notifications up there? It lets you know when you have a Private Message (PM). Read the one that was sent to you after your first and second posts were quarantined.

A wise man once told me that we've got two ears and one mouth so we should listen more than we talk. Take some time to explore the site and take some time before posting anything else. Some of the mods have itchy ban hammer fingers so take this as the last gentle warning.

Thanks, Nazi Halo.

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