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Hello, I'm new too. Thought I would try and get ten posts out of the way and post a little about myself and my intention. I'm 32 yrs old and I have been getting tattooed since I was sixteen. Unfortunately I didn't really spend time doing research until I hit 30. I mostly got sentimental one hit, black and grey "punk rock" tattoos. I never really thought beyond, "this tattooer lives in my town and they are the best one in the area." I ended up with a whole lot of stinker tattoos. About two years ago I got one that was pretty okay. This person convinced me to try color. They charged me far to much for the quality of the work but I had never seen color in my skin like they did. I was frustrated with the tattoo but also intrigued. So I finally started researching. Two years later I have just started collecting what I believe to be quality tattoos. I have a whole lot I would like to get covered up and an entire half sleeve that I would like to have lightened with a laser and covered. I've started collecting books and I'll be attending my first convention this year and would love to hear all about that. I'm obsessed and I have tons of questions. I'll be posting pictures as soon as I finish my side panel by Bryan Burk. Thanks for reading.

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