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What's up, nice to meet every one.

We'll hmmm, I apprenticed for a couple yahoos back in like 2000. I took the blood born pathogens class's, learned all the sterilization technics, how to make needles, and what not. I bailed after that. They weren't exactly good artist, actuality I wouldn't let them touch me, they mangled and scared people. There work was horrible. I worked and apprenticed there based on my flash. I drew and they paid and apprenticed me. I probably shouldn't tell people that Hugh. A friends mom actuality taught me more about, tattooing than the two yahoos I apprenticed for. She owned a shop, and for years I traded her flash for work, and she would explain everything to me while she was tattooing me. She was a asome lady. She passed away.

Anyways, I have contemplated buying some gear for years I just never got around to it. Well I think it's about time. I have decided Im going to go rotary, actuality that is what Im going to get. I'm not a cheapo so, I won't buy junk. Like when I decided to do something, it's go hard or go home.

So that about as much as I can type this phone is driving me crazy.

Peace and chicken grease.

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It was a shop in Michigan. I don't think there even open any more. They were pretty bad man. Im talking 3d on all there line work. Just thick black scares.

They were cool dudes though, I liked working there, made a little money, had fun, met a cool chick, and learned a lot about tattooing. It was cool.

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