LA clothing company ripping off the Dringenberg name?

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So I was browsing through some catalogs in my friend's boutique and came across something very curious. A company called Cartel Ink, or Kid Cartel, has a tank design depicting a machine with baseball-style lettering that says "Dringenberg, (something illegible) Company"

Now, those of you who have seen the LST interview with Dan Dringenberg would probably also find it a bit hard to believe that this guy would license his name off to a clothing company. I find it especially curious, because if he actually did license his name, there would most likely be more than one single shirt with his name on it. I mean the whole point of licensing is to build a brand name, right?

Now I'm totally open to being wrong on this one, and I truthfully hope that I am, but I think that the tattoo community needs to look out for each other and squash the leeches. Sooo if anyone has any fact-based information on this situation, I would appreciate that knowledge before I go ahead and send Dan an email being like "look at this shit."

pictures for your eyeballs:




(contact info for the clothing company)

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