Newbie signing in from Maryland! whatsup everyone!

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Hows it goin everyone, excited to be part of this forum! im a 21 year old guy from Pasadena Maryland, got my first tattoo at 18(one i regret) and ive been slowly adding them on for the past year. Im a thoroughbred maryland kid to the core, and if you're not familiar with MD, that pretty much means im a little bit country and a little bit of a city boy at the same time, crazy about football(ravens SB champs!) and I love summertime because its crab season.

currently i have a hideous, and low quality tattoo of my last name going down the right side of my back, in big bold black letters, and nothing else, and i plan on getting some work done to it in the future, i have a unfinished maryland themed half sleeve with the bay bridge, a raven, the O's logo, a crab, the national aquarium, and the I-695 logo(the baltimore beltway) and i cant wait until it becomes a full sleeve over the next year, i also have a big skin tear on my left pectoral with the maryland flag underneath, and a big natty boh logo in the middle, i plan on tying that into the sleeve. I have a big deathbat on my ribs with a scroll underneath quoting "he who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man", im not familiar with hunter s. thompson, but as a huge fan of fear and loathing in las vegas and avenged sevenfold, i figured i'd get a quote to live my life by tattooed on me. i also have a gag tattoo i got like a fool on a drunken night that says GS, because me and my idiot friends decided to name our group of drinking buddies "goon squad" (not something we took serious, it was all fun and games) but we all got it tattooed on us like morons lol, cant say i regret it because it brings up some fun memories, but man was it dumb.

so i hope im not talking too much lol im just glad to be here, and im hoping i can help some people with some ideas, and im hoping some people can give me some ideas as well. My hope is that by 30, i'll pretty much have my arms and torso near covered with respectable, and meaningful tattoos.

tattoos are my passion, though im not artistic at all so i couldnt be a tattoo artist, and currently ive had trouble making ends meet, so ive had to take a break from it, but i cant wait to get back on it!

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I gotta admit I read this before I registered and was like "'Country' + 'MD' he cant be from the Baltimore area. He must be from up near PA or something." But Baltimore is farther north than Pasadena is. I'd like to see your MD themed one since I also have the aquarium on one arm but its the focal point rather than part of a piece.

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MD REPRESENT. Welcome dude, you're gonna be covered in Maryland by the time you're through. No Old Bay tattoo yet?

thanks! and nahh no old bay yet, but the crab is in pefect position on the backside of my shoulder and i planned on getting a bucket of J.O. just posted up in the background instead of old bay

- - - Updated - - -

yeahh pasadenas a odd place lol its just south of baltimore but it definitely feels more like a overpopulated eastern shore than baltimore lol. and the aquarium part isnt a big thing in mine its just got the triple wave logo filling up some negative space, and yeah im gonna work on getting some pics of my stuff up here

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