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Hello everyone,

My name is James and I live in South Carolina, but I have been getting my tattoos at Baltimore Tattoo Museum in Baltimore, MD. I only have 3 tattoos right now, but it's not for lack of want...I tend to over-think things. I would like to eventually get half-sleeves and possibly a few in random places (back, side, calf). I currently have a Celtic cross and a banner with my family's motto on it, my daughters name with flowers on the inside of my bicep and a Celtic knotwork design with tribal around it.

Speaking of that, I would actually like some advice on that Celtic/knotwork tattoo. I will own up to the fact that it was a "rookie mistake" of not thinking it through and getting something that I am not happy with. I, personally, don't like anything tribal, so I really don't know why I got it. I would like to get it altered or covered up, but I am completely lost on what to get. I would appreciate ANY advice or suggestions what could be done to improve/alter/change/cover-up this tattoo.

If anyone thinks I should create a new thread later on (after my initial 10 posts) to get more responses, feel free to say so.



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Who's been doing your work at the Museum? I was just there last weekend doing a guest spot.

I went a long time ago and got my Celtic cross done by someone who is no longer there (Dave Sobel, I think was his name) and then I recently got something done for my daughter by Josh Griffin. I have talked to him about doing something with this Celtic/tribal quagmire I have, but I thought I would join this forum and see if I could get some help/ideas that I could take to him. I really like the work he did on the tattoo for my daughter, so I figured I would stick with him, plus it's easy to stop in there, since my wife's family lives in Baltimore and we travel up there

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Both Dave Sobel and Josh are good dudes.

Every artist had a different vision when it comes to a cover-up. Best thing to do is visit in person, that's the only way an artist can have a solid plan of attack. I can tell one thing; it will be a big tattoo. Perhaps half sleeve. It's next to impossible to cover a tattoo with a only slightly larger tattoo.

Maybe a big front view wolf head, reaper/clouds/smoke, big gorilla head, Afro Jesus, big anvil, skull/top hat/Mr. Lucky, really big raven, etc. just go in and get a consultation.

Also, there's nothing an 8 ball won't cover.

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Thanks for the suggestions. For my own knowledge, how does a cover-up work? Does the offending piece get covered up with anything? Or does the cover piece need to be designed in a way that incorporates the original tattoo? Can the artist put color where there is currently black?

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