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Hi everyone


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here Marra from Italy,

my love story with tattoos starts in 1999 with a couple of small tribal suns on my chest (would never get something like that in 2013 but i'm not gonna cover them up, it's part of my history and i wear them proudly!!),

then a year and half japanese sleeve later i started a sort of apprenticeship in the small town i was livin in at the time (learnt to weld my own needles and hopefully forgot about this obsolete practice nowadays!!), then after moving (both me and the shop owner, different parts of the world) i had to put all of my equipment in the closet for a while. Around 5 years ago thanks to the money saved in time and to some friends working in some shops around i could finally put all of my efforts into tattooing again... i do work in a small shop since a couple of years and often travel to the French border to visit and work a little with one of my mentors... guess i had what i can call a gipsy apprenticeship which i dont feel is never over, even if i'm on my own right now.

thats it... hope to have a good time here and to contribute as wisely as i can to the contents of the forum aswell as to get to know new friends and fellow mates!


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