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Greetings from Porto Alegre


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Hi, everyone!

I'm on my thirties by now, but probably also the newbiest noob on this forum.

I've been working with illustration and design for some time, and now it's time to get some REAL inking done, not the computer-based :D

for those who are curious, my design portfolio is under construction on Portfolio | Gisele Moura (just in portuguese for the time being, sorry)

I'm still gathering some basic information (on Youtube, forums, ebooks, whatever) and testing the machine on those rubber-like fake skin.

By the way, I've got no tattoos on myself YET. Changing my mind all the the time, it's kind of hard to decide on one design concept or style.

...and now the ones who don't trust the skinny chef just walk away :D

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Welcome to the forum!

I hope you stick around and learn a lot about great tattoos. I do think it's important to say that you should really be learning the "basic information" from an experienced tattooer during your apprenticeship. Also I would say that getting tattooed is the first step towards becoming a tattooer. Second step? Getting tattooed some more.

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I should probably warn you that Last Sparrow is not the place to get any technical information about how to tattoo. And @Shaun1105 is right: getting tattooed should be the FIRST step toward becoming a tattooer.

I'll also warn you that no one here trusts a skinny chef.

So with that, go get some tattoos and report back. We'd love to see what you get.

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