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Some new idiot kid


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I'm just some kid who doesn't know spit from Nevada. I've got insane amounts of respect and love for this craft and art. Thus far I've only got two shitty tattoos because I had more money than sense at the time and now don't have the cash to make amends for past mistakes. My goal in life is to be covered by 35 and I've got my whole body suit planned out (plans are always changing though). I dig tattoos that look like tattoos and will age well.

Saw my first tattoos when I was little and my dad owned a motorcycle parts shop in my bum-fuck-nowhere hometown and knew they were the raddest things I'd ever seen. Turns out there was only one dude doing tattoos worth their weight in salt there and he only tattooed out of his house. Decided I wanted to cover myself when I met a couple of my cousins friends who were covered and looked bad as fuck.

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