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Tattoo advice

Brittany Beasley

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I have one tattoo, it's just over 2.5 feet long. It started out as stars and some flowing lines throughout. Outlined, filled, inverted, big and small: 18 of them. It took two hours, and $200. It wasn't finished.. I moved to Arizona and had another artist just kind of draw some swirls and want he thought would look good and we decided to make it larger, wider and longer. Two two hour sessions and another $400 down the hole and its still not done. I moved to Ny, didn't know or trust anyone and now we are in Florida. I am thinking I want to add at least another 6 to 10 inches.. Bring it over my shoulder and further down my thigh. I want color.. At first I wanted a whole lots everything, but then I didn't want to be a rainbow. I am thinking, keep it mostly shaded, and open and add a deep teal and purple throughout. Maybe some watercolor in some of the stars. Bc of how big it is, and bc of how it's wrapped from the back to the front of my body, it's hard to get an artist to layout what I have and show me what it could be. I need some awesome ideas! Thank you!

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