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Hi all! I got my first tattoo a few months ago. It's of the scientific nature since I wanted it to reflect the research I do. Just a little background on myself: I studied mechanic engineering and computational mathematics but my research mostly focuses on the latter. More specifically, my work focuses on the environment, and I use mathematical models to help model groundwater contamination. For example, say there is some sort of chemical spill into the ground that's nearby to a groundwater reservoir. The models help predict how far the contamination "plume" is expected to spread, etc.

Anyway, so my first tattoo is really simple in design and I'm quite happy with it now. It's just some equations with a simple figure from my field of work, so the artist didn't do much with the design other than making sure it could fit properly and that the text wasn't too small. Was really impressed with the job he did though...literally looks like a typewriter shot those equations out. A couple of pics:


And I'm now considering extending the tattoo or getting another that would fill in the rest of the space on my lower arm. Thoughts? The theme and style would be similar to the first one, except I'm wanting this next one to be a bit more elaborate in that I want it to actually be "artistic" if that makes any sense. So I'll be consulting with the same artist sometime in the coming months. Since my first tattoo was so simple in design, the consultation basically consisted of making sure the design would fit on my forearm and making sure the font was actually doable.

But this time, all I really have are some elements from tattoos I've seen before that I like, as well as some pictures for inspiration. Is this enough for the initial consultation? Is the artist going to look at me like I'm a moron if I walk in with just this info?

Thanks all, and looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome to LST! Fellow engineer and nerd here - cool that you got your research tattooed on yourself. The lettering is amazingly consistent.

No, no one will think you are a nut to have reference material - you have the right idea. (Although if you show up with a ton if it, you'll probably be asked initially to pick out the stuff that is most important to you.)

Good luck and keep us posted!

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    • Thanks. And u just made me laugh, I guess my comment sounded conceded, and I did not mean to sound that way. I guess I'm in freak out mode because it's so on display. I don't think anything will ever meet my expectations because of where it is. So on display. My friend is actually going to my tattoo guy BECAUSE of this tattoo. Removal is not an option. I wont do that. I do have crippling anxiety due to having multiple sclerosis. I'm overly critical of this tattoo. The design is a sun with sun rays  that wraps around and up over my shoulder and a lotus below it. I don't like flowers. Just lotuses. Haha. So it's not your typical flowers down the arm tattoo. It's actually a unique design. I love yoga and zen things although from my post...I don't sound so zen. Haha. I've been going thru it now since summer started. I would say it's going in a while. I wear it out, got a compliment from someone at the gas station, I just don't look at it myself with it. It makes my stomach sink. Like I ruined myself. I'm ocd about it. I continue to get tattoos tho. I dont want to be a lunatic over it either. I always said I would never tattoo my upper arms and I did. And for the life of me, can't figure out why I did that. I was living in the moment I guess. So, if the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet my expectations,  what do u do for that? Add to it? Thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it a lot. I feel like I lost my mind over thos. I just got another tattoo on my forearm, and love it, it's smaller. Maybe that's why. I don't know. I allowed thos to be placed somewhere I never wanted ot, I approved it loved it afterwards and now....maybe cause it's so on display. I'm not used to having such big visible tattoos. Like, why cant I just be cool about it. I LOVE tattoos. 
    • "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are" So if you were fat and out of shape it would be OK?  🤣 Tattoo Anxiety is not unusual, but it really depends on how long it goes on for. Has it been weeks, months, years? You really don't have a lot of options. Despite what laser removal centers would have you believe, you'll never get totally rid of it. Any cover up will need to be even bigger and bolder, don't let any "artist" tell you differently.  Given the tone of your post, "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are," "My artist is extremely talented, there is not 1 shaky line, crooked line," "The line work is out of this workd, perfectly straight," "Everyone loves it" it sounds like the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet your expectations.
    • Hello, So I'm new here and reddit is just awful people so, I wanted advice. So for some reason, I allowed a tattoo be blasted down my arm. My fault I know. I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are. So, I got a sun over a lotus tattoo. My artist is extremely talented, there is not 1 shaky line, crooked line, and hes not cheap. Hes been tattooing me and my husband a long time. The line work is out of this workd, perfectly straight. Its a bold tattoo. All black. Everyone loves it. But for some bizzare reason, I can not look at myself in the mirror at this tattoo. Has this ever happened to anyone before? It's healed, but all I do is cover it and hide it. Has this happened to anyone? It turned out bigger and bolder than I ever imagined. From my shoulder to about 3 inches above my elbow.   
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