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Hello , new here


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Hey everyone, I guess I have to introduce myself, so here goes...

i live in Wisconsin, USA. Today at the age of 33 (tomorrow I will turn 34, actually)I got my first tattoo. I did it myself with a 3RL tattoo needle and vegan tattoo ink, what the kids call a "stick and poke" tattoo. I realize that those might be frowned upon here, being amongst so many professional artists and all... but I did a lot of research before hand and used all sterile equipment and am now carefully following all the after care details as well. I really like the aesthetic of it and the liberation that comes from being able to tattoo yourself, and plus I love DIY, so go easy on me! ;P

I have a degree in drawing but being a tattoo artist never appealed to me, until now. I want to do many more stick n pokes (for some reason tattooing with a machine doesn't interest me).

Some of the stuff I want to do I fear may also be frowned upon as well, such as:

- entrely red ink tattoo

- entirely white tattoo

- entirely uv ink tattoo (mostly invisible)

I plan to do small test spots on my body first to see how my body will handle these different "questionable" inks, but the real reason I joined here tonight was to figure something out, so forgive me for asking a question right away, but I don't want to post 10 bs posts just to ask this...

My question is, when doing a white ink tattoo, or an "invisible" uv ink tattoo... Can you use a purple stencil like normal, or will that get mixed in with the ink and discolor it? How do artists do stencils for "invisible" or white tattoos? I thought perhaps a "negative" stencil of the image? Or ???

So thanks for hearing me out, it's good to be here... I hope to do/get many more tattoos in the future! I look forward to learning more about tattoos, thanks for having me!


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