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Hello. Getting my first tattoo this month!


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Hi everyone... I found this forum while researching for my first tattoo. I looked at Pinterest (I know, but I didn't know anything about tattooing) and I actually liked the dandelion turning into birds tattoo (see above, I now know better)... Then I realized I was seeing hundreds of images of the same tattoo all over the internet, and I found this forum while trying to figure out what makes a good versus a bad tattoo.

Anyway, I reverted to my original design idea, a lotus flower on my back/ upper shoulder. I had my consult with my artist last week (she tattooed roses on my sister in law and does amazing work with flowers), and she told me point blank "the bird thing is the new tribal armband"...

So anyway, I'll see the sketch on April 25 before she tattoos me. Her idea is a lotus with some filigree work, and the filigree will hold my children's birthstones (boy/girl twins, sapphire stone), and the center of the lotus will be the same colour, to symbolize them coming from me.

I'm really excited and nervous, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Thanks to everyone on this site for providing such good info!

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