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Cheers from Melbourne, Australia!


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Hi there, I'm Mike, 42 year old Tattooist (yes, we Aussies say it differently) from Melbourne (in the state of Victoria, for those you aren't familiar with Australia). I've been in the local industry for 8 years. Worked at two shops. About 5 years for the first, and 3 for the second. I've experienced (what I would consider) the best and the worst aspects of being a Tattooist - a lot can happen in eight years!...I am currently looking for another shop, but I've set up a private studio in the mean time to keep me busy ( and get the rent paid on time)...so far so good :)

Just looking to connect with other people in the industry - local and elsewhere. Cheers all. :D

P.S. yes, my user name is my personal website ( for those who might be curios).

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