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  1. Instagram

    Type in #tattoo on instagram! I can browse for hours!
  2. Old tattoo photos

    So awesome! Some tattoos keep their quality for a long time!
  3. Thats so effing awesome! I've got one similar and they're so badass.. Unfortunately I live in the UK so rarely get to show it off :(
  4. Why skull figures?

    Haha, agreed!
  5. Hello there!

    My names Ethan and I'm on a road to many tattoos! I have half a sleeve on my right arm and thats all for now! Ill try and get a photo up at some point! Thats all really :)
  6. Re-wrapping tattoos

    Highly agree with this one. Alcohol kills all bacteria and I'd use it over anything.
  7. Awesome looking. Like everyone else is saying, he knows what he's doing.
  8. Sleeves

    Depends on mix and match I think! For example, you don't want an Ed Sheerwan styled sleeve IMO they're horrible!
  9. Thats an awesome tattoo you got going on there!
  10. I think celebrities and mainstream influence peoples decisions when choosing a tattoo. I personally have my eye on a praticular design for a few months and then decide if I still like it whether to get it or not:eek: