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  1. Apologies for the big ass photos everyone, I should've just done the album link. Just regarding the oni I was thinking green and the artist is thinking red to make it look more angry. The only thing I'm confused about, I reckon green would look sick though. Artist is Garth at Light house tattoo
  2. Hey folks, Here's an update on the piece I've had 2 sessions since my first post and am due for one more. What do you guys think about colouring the rest of the tatt? I've got a colour in mind for the oni. - - - Updated - - - My only gripe with it is the two flowers right down the bottom seems out of place.
  3. Just looking for feedback on the piece and if folks would add anything, I was specifically thinking about putting a kanji box on it, and thinking of what would compliment it with a full sleeve Yeah is this cool? I thought that was just the introduce yourself forum? If not I can delete?
  4. What do yall think of the actual piece? Yeah I'm pumped for tomorrow, might be hard getting to sleep!
  5. Hey folks, just looking for a bit of feedback / advice on my first half-sleeve tattoo. It's only the outline so far, going in to have a 3 hr session tomorrow for colour and shading. Any advice on what you'd add or do differently? I was thinking of adding some japanese kanji in a box like you see on traditional works and what-not though not sure. Album is here. Thanks.
  6. Pretty sure I went to yoga a couple days after and was fine, and was able to do some kettlebell routines a day or two after, just be smart about it. Go for long walks or a jog or something, don't make the mistake on doing nothing though or going gangbusters doin crossfit the next day or something.
  7. Sound advice, your liver will process the alcohol and turn it into cardiovascular gold! Haha at least it make you forget why you wanted to go swimming in the first place! Speaking of which where's a good old coopers when you need one :)
  8. Is the idea to saran wrap for a few days with thin layer of correct cream? I was told leave the wrap on till the night then shower pat dry and put thin layer of cream and let it to start to dry? confused
  9. is this the same as Afterink? it was recommended by my tattooist though broke me opted to buy cheap shit at the chemist. ( wrong idea )
  10. It's an issue, I probably put on 5kgs after my first session, and have only gotten back into training with second session tomorrow :( alas the sacrifices we make lol.
  11. Mostly anecdotal for me, with my half sleeve I found the most sensitive bits were around the arm-pit with the big needle, stung like a son of a bitch. My tattooist reckons on the palm of the hand is the worst.
  12. Cheers everyone! Artist name is Garth from Light house tattoo in Sydney. Does some pretty sweet work. Any particular feedback on the work? Sorry for photo quality my phone camera is shit.
  13. Hey everyone nice to be part of the community here! :) got my first tattoo recently it's a half-sleeve and the first session. Getting colour and shading done soon. Please give me your feedback about this piece. It's an artist's interpreted version of a horiyoshi iii samurai piece. Tattoo album!
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