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    Married mid-40's male with two daughters. I live in the Greater Cincinnati Area, Ohio since 1992. I grew up in Chicago's Northwest Side.
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    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Running, photography, riding my Harley Davidson
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    LEO and Photographer
  1. rich9cinti

    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    I don't think I've had any Tattoo Blues. The only problem i had was when I finished my full sleeve on my right arm last fall, I was already thinking of more ideas for my left arm. :rolleyes: With that said, I think I'll have the blues once I run out of arms lol
  2. rich9cinti

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    Inner forearm near the elbow for me. Almost bit my lower lip off trying to keep from spewing hateful screams.
  3. rich9cinti

    What's your longest tattoo session?

    That pretty much described the feeling. I did end up working the entire week after but no negative incidents occurred, whew. Swelling subsided after 2 weeks. It took about a month to fully heal considering the coverage. I had my touch up on 1/30/15 and put about five more hours into it. Healed up just fine in 14 days.
  4. rich9cinti

    What's your longest tattoo session?

    18 hours 15 mins... full sleeve. Both my artist and I became caught in the moment and we kept going. We intended to only do the outline initially but pulled an all-nighter. It was an ultra-marathon session for the two of us.
  5. rich9cinti

    Hi from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Thanks for the welcome SeeSea. I'll let me sleeve heal up (9 days old) and I will post a few images. :)
  6. rich9cinti

    Hi from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hi there. Rich here from Cincinnati, Ohio. This is my first tattoo forum I've registered for. I'm 46 y/o and have five tattoos, one being a recent full sleeve on my right arm. Great topics here to learn from for future artwork.