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  1. I'm located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada....we have maybe 6 tattoo shops in my whole city..
  2. yea but I need to figure out which tattoo artist to see and how to make it into one back piece..cuz I am aiming for a whole back piece! - - - Updated - - - I need a visual
  3. I'd want more of an elegant/pretty angel Here's some pics for ideas: I also wanted a specific tree added on eventually into a back piece...I'm just unsure of how to mix in the angel, the tree and possibly flowers but yet still have it looking good and cover the last one! I'd love to maybe have the angel sitting by the tree or something...not too sure how to make it work! Here's the tree - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Here's the links to the other 2 angels that didn't show up! http://tattoodesignimages.net/pretty-angel-tattoos-gallery-design/ http://www.jessicatif
  4. yea I took a look at them! You've got so much work done! It's amazing! I love it!
  5. Thank you so much! :) - - - Updated - - - We were together for a long time and got it while we were together. He was also very controlling so I almost felt like I had to! :/ But when I got it I was like oh well if it doesn't work out it can be covered!
  6. Yea I'd leave it except that my ex boyfriends name is so huge and my current boyfriend hates it. I honestly don't blame him though, and I also hate to see it everyday! It brings back way too many BAD memories!
  7. I say switch artists if you need to! My personal opinion is that all artists have a specialty (a style they are better in than others). If you need something realistic, some tattoo artists may say that's their strong or weak point. Everybody is different, so find the artist that suits you and the work you want done! I wouldn't feel bad! I think artists understand they have strengths and weaknesses!
  8. I have tattoos on my hip, ankle, lower back and upper back and for me the lower back (specifically right on the spine) hurt the most!
  9. Wow! It looks amazing! What a big difference!!
  10. This is my worst! The lines is horrible and the pink was suppose to look like a ribbon! He also did a horrible job on my name (Mireille). He put the dot for the i over the r!
  11. See that'd be doable but skulls, dragons, devil and tribal type stuff just isn't my style....I had thought of an angel but not sure wether it would work or not!
  12. I'd recommend explaining that you'd be plagiarizing the work if you gave them that tattoo and that it's something you don't agree with. Then I'd offer to take what they have and see if they'd be willing to let you draw out something similar with your touch added to see if they like it. Takes a bit more work than turning them away but you may end up with more customers that way and it shows you care.
  13. I'd have to agree with you! I only have a few tattoos for the main reason that for me they need to have personal meaning to them. Mine are not text though! lol
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