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  1. Finally back at it. This one from Xam at Seven Doors, taken from Instagram:
  2. So, somehow it's been 14 months since I last got tattooed(!) - I went back to uni and life has just kind of got in the way. Finally getting back in the swing of things, hopefully. I've got a consultation with Xam booked for next month so just deciding between a ship on my arm or a girl/reaper combo somewhere on my leg. Leaning towards the latter just now.
  3. 19 hours, ooft - don't envy you on that front. That Horitomo piece is off to an awesome start!
  4. I wish I had money to get tattooed by Bryan Burk while he's over here - moving house sucks.
  5. The stuff that comes out of Spider Murphy's has such a distinctive style to it, really want to get tattooed there some day.
  6. @Some Grass love that! It's got so much energy in it, really incredible.
  7. @oldmansea that looks great! I have so much respect for people who get that much lining done on their backs in a sitting - that shit looks tough...
  8. Tim Burke

    Gorilla and Snake

    Valerie Vargas
  9. Cheers @bulldog - quite the Vargas collection you've got! Going to try get a better picture once it's healed up, it's hard to get the scale or colours right taking the pictures myself.
  10. Finished this up with Xam earlier, another one that's difficult to get a picture of yourself but you get the idea...
  11. It's amazing how good the tattoos look on video, I think particularly with large scale Japanese that flows the way Horiyoshi III's does you lose a lot in still images. Really enjoyed this, thanks for bringing it to my attention @Lance
  12. I definitely put myself in the 'collector' category, in as much as there's a bunch of people I definitely want pieces by, but I'm the only one who cares out of my friends and I don't really talk about it outside of this community, I just get them done when the opportunities arise. I'm also planning to/have got a bunch of pieces by my favourite couple of artists and shops and that's unlikely to change unless I move somewhere else in which case I'll likely do the same wherever that is...
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