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  1. Got my other ribs done by Chris O’Donnell a little over a month ago. Pumped with how it came out! The photo was taken right when it was done but I will try to get some healed shots
  2. Thanks! And I'm Trying to go back in about a month for color if we can both find a spot but I'm not sure. And to be honest, I was expecting it to be worse than it was. It definitely hurt but I didn't think it was intolerable.
  3. Just got to his done today by Chris O'Donnell. Pumped with how it came out so far
  4. Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here. I have an upcoming tattoo on April 8th with Chris O'Donnell to get a skull and snake on my ribs. Can't wait!
  5. Just got this one done a couple of hours ago. Done by Nik Moore at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, NY. You guys might not be a big fan of it but I told him I wanted a unique koi that not many other people have. i think he nailed it and I love it! Gonna go back in a few weeks for him to make a few minor changes if need be.
  6. My username is the initial of my first name (Tyler), the initial of my middle name (Anthony), then the first six letters of my last name. At the college I go to that is how they give us our usernames for the computers and our emails so it has just stuck with me and I now use it for other things.
  7. What exactly is that? Is it like Pharaoh's Horses?
  8. Going in for a consult in a week or two with Nik Moore again to schedule my koi tattoo that I want to put a little twist on by having a couple arrows sticking out of it in some way. Planning to have the tattoo done in the beginning of September.
  9. Plus the being able to legally drink at the age of eighteen there haha. I still have a year to go in the states
  10. I live about 4 hours away and am trying to arrange something for me and my friend to go up
  11. I went to a Dave Matthews concert in Saratoga, NY. Absolutely incredible
  12. Thanks for sharing who did that tattoo! I find it amazing that I and other people on this forum can post a pic of a random tattoo found on the internet and people on here know who it is. Very glad i joined this forum
  13. No clue who did it guys but i think it is my favorite tattoo I have ever seen. I am a huge Jurassic Park nerd and found it googling pictures of dinosaur tattoos. I think it is incredible and would love to have a piece fairly similar to this one
  14. I do think red in tattoos is cool. An example of a tattoo I think is awesome from Jurassic park is this.
  15. This thread seems like it could get cool. I put in another thread that i want a koi with an arrow sticking out of it. I also would love to get a lady head tattoo down the road someday as well as a Jurassic Park themed black and gray tattoo
  16. I really like that picture! I want something very similar to those lines with one arrow sticking out of the top of it. Back to the placement topic: like I said I don't see myself ever doing a full back piece but that could change I guess. If I do go with this tattoo on the top left of back on my shoulder blade, is a back piece kind of out of the question? Basically, I am wondering if anyone has done smallerish pieces on the top of their backs and were able to incorporate it into a larger piece further down the road
  17. I understand when you talk about the placement of it. I feel as though I am limited with my options. I am still in college and with what I want to do in life arms are kind of out of the question at least at this point. When I get employed though and if tattoos aren't an issue, I do see myself having a sleeve or at least some tattoos on my arms. Ribs seem like they would be nice but scare me a little haha. I don't ever see myself having a full back piece but I'm sure most people say the same thing at first
  18. That tattoo looks sweet! I have seen tattoos of animals shot up with arrows but never a koi before and thought it would look cool. I think it would be cool to have a common tattoo but a little twist on it to be a little different. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing any injustice to the style of tattooing or anything
  19. Hey guys, I would like to start off by saying that I in no way, shape, or form want this to come off in a way that I am disrespecting the traditional style of this kind of tattooing. My idea is to get a traditional Japanese Koi tattoo covering the left side of my upper back opposite the side of the tattoo I just got last week. I want it to be in black and gray and have the traditional waves and such. I want to add in a little twist but I want to make sure that it won't offend anybody or disrespect the style of this kind of tattooing. I am an avid outdoorsman and love hunting and fishing. One of my favorite hobbies is actually called bowfishing where we shoot asian carp (common carp) with a bow and arrow and give them to some local people in my area who eat them and consider them a delicacy. I thought it would be cool and different to get a traditional koi tattoo but have an arrow sticking out of it to represent my love for bowfishing. Is that a good idea or will it offend anyone do you think?
  20. I agree with what I stated above. That kind of stuff makes me realize there is worse stuff going on in the world that what I am going through
  21. Trying to get over an ex-girlfriend that I dated for three years haha. Shit sucks
  22. I hate to be that guy who double posts but I was told that the recent tattoo pics are supposed to go in this thread compared to the upcoming tattoos thread haha. Here is a pic of my tattoo I got on Sunday from Nik Moore at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, NY.
  23. I hope this is okay to post here but here is a pic of my first tattoo that I got yesterday! I am beyond happy about it and thought that the process of getting it was not bad at all. Here is a link to the guy who tattooed me because I feel he needs to be recognized for his work! https://nicholasrobertmoore.wordpress.com/ Let me know what you guys think of my tattoo everyone.
  24. I will be getting my first tattoo on Sunday! This is a pic of what I will be getting. I am going to talk to him about changing the antlers but I love the skull!! I apologize for it being side ways by the way
  25. Yeah the sleeping around part is not good for me. My friends tell me the same thing but I just cannot bring myself to do that. My friends make fun of me and tell me that I am a lover which is true. I just need some time. Just really hard to have someone in your life for three years then not be able to talk to them at all
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