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    I tattoo a little... been at it since 1994. I own a shop called integral temple just outside of toronto. i tattoo while my wife is into wellness and teas. odd mix of business but it works for us and our community.
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    Markham, Ontario, Canada
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    Tattoo, paint, draw, dogs, jeep, family, camping, cottage, outdoors
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    Tattoo Artist / Shop Owner

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  1. i'll have to try it from a computer when i get to calgary. my i pad wont use the forums upload. i feel so analog!
  2. hey wedge... what you choose for additional subject matter is your call... however, because your existing tattoo has a crest kind of feel to it, might i suggest that you use shaded filigree in the background that could flow with your arm? just a thought....
  3. darn i was hoping there would be a list of most influencial tattoo artists on here! haha!
  4. i downloaded the one that i thought was the best one of his works. i just dont know how to get it on here. it looks like this site only takes images that exist elsewhere on the net. i can send it to someone to post for me?
  5. yep i suck at posts and facebook maintenance! sorry folks.. i appreciate the help and just wantedto share my disbelief! :)
  6. i dont know how to post pics from facebook to here. i do feel compelled to share my morning story though. on facebook this guy i used to know when i was just a kid comments on one of my photos.. he asks to sit in on tattoo session so that he can compare what im doing to his own tattoo ability. hehehe ... ya ... right. seriously.. you have to read the comments made back and forth from him and i!!! find me on facebook ( chris moniz ) go to my photos, click on "todays tattoo work" look for a picture of a tiger that has only been outlined.. then view the comments! its worth your while i swear! the guy hit upon almost every excuse for his shortcomings as a tattooer!
  7. ... to whoever categorized my tattoo pictures for me! more to come when i get around to it.
  8. i come in and out of here when i can :) right now i cant get to sleep! i live and work just outside of toronto in markham. i have my own little shop where i tattoo and my wife makes teas. its not a street shop, its not on the main drag, there is no flash on the walls to choose from, i only work by hour and never give quotes, my shop walls are not blood red, there is no front counter with staff stuck on a computer and i rarely take walk-ins. i do things my own way by taking out what i or my clients have found stressful in past tattoo experiences and created a tattoo environment that is much more relaxed! at least i think so ;) i have a beautiful daughter that turns 5 in a couple of months. she sharpens pencils for 5 dollars and hands out business cards whenever shes in the store. ive had this shop for 2 years, tattooing for 17... my family and i love camping. 2 weeks away from the city, just us, reminds us of what is real and what really matters in life. family is the most important thing. family made me a better man. :)
  9. Chris Moniz will be tattooing in Calgary, Alberta from July 20th to 25th. Dan Marshall is handling bookings. He can be contacted at Heroes and villains tattoo and piercings where Mo is doing his 5 day stint! Heroes & Villains Tattoo & Piercings 1112 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0X6 403-984-3232
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