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  1. Well established Wilmington, NC shop looking for a full-time experienced professional who is passionate about creating great tattoos and providing a comfortable experience for our clients. Previous shop experience preferred and a strong portfolio is requirement piercing experience is a PLUS. No drama queens, rock stars, drunks or druggies need to respond. We are a busy, custom shop with an excellent reputation and atmosphere located in an eclectic beach/college city. Coastal North Carolina, offers beaches, dynamic nightlife, performing arts and music. Wilmington has it all. Please send a brief bio to tattooartistwanted@bigfoot.com for consideration.
  2. To each thier own, as long as all parties are in agreement then i see no problem.
  3. I tried to sign up without using facebook but get an error. had to use facebook
  4. Need to find and artist with a fine tuch, some are heavy handed and some are light handed.
  5. Good luck to you I hope you achieve your dreams.
  6. Welcome to the forum hope you get the info you are looking for.
  7. too bad would love to see some of the art
  8. Make sure you look at any artists cover up portfolio to see what they can do.
  9. Glad to see you here
  10. I always tell people looking for their first tattoo to get something drawn up. Tape it to your bathroom mirror and after 20 days of looking at it you still think its awesome then get it done. Make sure you like it.
  11. Jeff Hoag


    Hows everyone? I'm Jeff I own Cadillac Custom Tattoo & Body piercing in beautiful Wilmington NC. Been at it awhile and still love it. If your in the area stop in and say hello. Tattoos & Piercings | Cadillic Custom Tattoo & Piercing |Wilmington NC
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