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  1. No!!! I have a lot of tattoos...I don't no why this make me feel like this, it's a bullshit...
  2. Hello, greetings from Brazil !! Well , today I talk about my problem that has been around for four months ... I made a tattoo of a lighthouse in the forearm, was beautiful, and everyone likes ... so far so good ... the problem is that in my head it It looks like a penis , and no one can convince me otherwise !! It's killing me , I think everyone is looking and thinking that, even everyone talking that does not seem !! What I do?? Help me guys !!! Look at the photos. ( Sorry for the English) https://goo.gl/photos/veYEzXrpAbneLZ3S6
  3. Hello guys!! I'm from Brazil and and hopefully with the help of the Google Translator I can help everyone here in the forum ... kkkkkk
  4. The last is three months , and being hard to get used , is the forearm , a great piece , I hope I go get !! ( Sorry for Inglês , Brazillian guy)
  5. Give some time for tattoo, I'm sure this is new tattoo nerves,is common, it will pass, good luck!!
  6. All tattoo artists that I know touches rather give free, and I think if you can touch up her back to red before, if the tattoo artist do not want to retouch advise you to look for another ( sorry for Inglês , brazilian guy)
  7. Hello, interesting question because I made a forearm and I am taking to get used to , it's really very difficult because it is a big job and a big change too, the work was very well done , although I'm still getting used to it .. . I will make a post about it soon, I hope we can discuss more !! Look at some photos ... ( Sorry for English , Brazillian guy) https://goo.gl/photos/veYEzXrpAbneLZ3S6
  8. I really liked! It seems very well made and the design is very unique , in my opinion leave anyway , why not do another dog the way you want? ( Sorry for English , Brazillian guy)
  9. looks good to me , the photo does not help, the flash disturbs the image, but the work looks good, and the idea of the tattoo looks cool in my opinion ( Sorry by English, Brazillian Guy)
  10. In my opinion the place that hurts most is the belly , I have a phrase , it was a 4 hour session and I can tell you that it hurts so much !!! (Sorry for english, Brazillian guy kkkk)
  11. Hello friend, interesting your question, because I have a problem just in a tattoo on his forearm that did not long ago !! It's very hard to get used to her, and I've thought up in laser !! everyone talks about what is beautiful, but just thinking she looks like a penis !! that silly , but look at the pictures ! Sorry for the English , I'm from Brazil https://goo.gl/photos/veYEzXrpAbneLZ3S6
  12. It looks great guy !!! Congratulations , I think always the coverup is a better option than the laser , it was beautiful
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