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    I co-own Trufant brothers tattoo with my brother Aubrey.. We also put on the West Texas Tattoo Convention...
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    San Angelo Texas

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  1. thanks for all the great feed back on the show, and thank you loch for posting it...i hope everyone can make it, its a great time and yes we have some of the best tattooers in the business working the show so come out and get tattooed.... thanks.
  2. Good meeting you and your brother the other week, let me know the details as they come up regarding your guys convention so you or I can make sure we promote it on LST and through our social media outlets.

  3. irons inspired dragon and skull
  4. Alex trufant

    lone wolf

    wolfs love titties!!!
  5. Alex trufant

    cah cahwww!!!

    eagle city
  6. Thanks Alex and as mentioned previously we look forward to your contribution to this new tattoo community!!

  7. I will make one for the shop as well, I am trying to get everybody I know in to checking it out....

  8. Welcome to LST Alex. Is this going to be your personal site or your shop, Bullet Proof Tattoo, as well? We await your contribution eagerly!?!

    Until next time...have a good evening!


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