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  1. I reject almost everything society has to offer. I do just fine on my own.
  2. Thanks for the reply and I agree.
  3. I may have one of the ugliest tattoos to date. I owed my buddy a favor and in return he said let me tattoo something of my choosing on you. He has never tattooed. I said ok. He chose Dick Butt, google it and you will see, he did it as his first and only tattoo so you can imagine how it looks. Actually it looks just like the google image. I love it. One of my favorites.
  4. This going to be lengthy. H.R. from Bad brains portrait Sid Vicious portrait 2 G.G. Allin portraits Bad Brains P.M.A The Exploited skull Danzig Skull Misfits skull Suicidal Tendencies ST Ramones symbol Operation Ivy guy Ant-Flag – New Kind of Army cover Black Flag bars Public Enemy – Bulls eye Circle Jerks – punk rocker Dead Kennedy’s symbol and In God We Trust Inc. cross Danzig – Black Aria Crass symbol Screeching Weasel Minor Threat album cover Alternative Tentacles symbol The Decedents – Milo Misfits – Legacy of Brutality both front and back cover pieces. The Cramps
  5. As an anarchist I feel you should try and keep the Gov. out of it all. Why bring the attention to yourself. I say education not regulation.
  6. As an old school punk rocker it was easy for me, I covered my body in punk rock artwork and political tattoos. I had a lot of material to choose from so it was reather easy to fill my body.
  7. There is no place I would limit myself to. It's all fair game.
  8. At first I started getting them because I was a punk rocker and wanted to be ”hardcore” and didn’t want people to fuck with me. So I got mostly punk rock album art as tattoos which I felt worked well for me. It also feels more natural to me to be tattooed so there is that as well. I was once asked by my uncle why my whole body is tattooed and in a moment of honestly I told him it was because I was uncomfortable in my skin and wanted to cover it up. I have always had a lot of moles and thought that if I tattooed my skin no one would be able to notice all the moles I have and it would be less s
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