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  1. Which is SOOOOO true, Florida is a sponge state for when it needs money. Any way they can see that they can get that dollar from you, they WILL!
  2. WOOT,,WOOT,, Happy 2012 every one!!!!!!
  3. 904 is a Jacksonville Florida #, He is around me somewhere,,,,, Time Tells Tattoo Pigments | Facebook
  4. So true! I watched all the vids. Oliver one is frikkin awesome The one that suprised me the most is Tim Hendricks, I really was diggin on how he went into the TV show and his feelings!!
  5. <-------------- 1pinhead
  6. Yup that will be FlooriDUH Been dippin in & out on here. Really diggin the forum. Much valuable information here. Thank you and greets to all!
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