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    Tattoo Artist at Pair A Dice Tattoos in 29 Palms, Ca I'm currently tattooing these Marines out here in the middle of the Mojave Desert. .....I've been in the industry for 19 years.
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    Joshua Tree, Ca
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    Tattooing, Painting, any thing out doors
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  1. Hope everyone had a kick ass New Year!!! May we all stay laid-up and make lots of money in the year to come!!! :cool::cool:
  2. Our industry is full of "Tattoo Artist" that can't draw. So they cheat. The really odd thing about these people is they have the largest ego's in the biz. Go figure, you would think the guy being ripped off would have the ego for being good enough to be noticed.
  3. Been in your position.....my advice would be to hire artists and create what your looking for.
  4. Nice craftsmenship, can't believe I have never ran across this builder.
  5. Thank you. If I can help out around here in any way just hit me up......Scott
  6. 1) I do enjoy freedom when designing a tattoo, but I have learned over the years to pry into the clients thoughts as deep as possible before putting pencil to paper. It's easy to spot a client who is willing to give me total freedom, but if I see an ounce of "control freak" in a client I spend the time consulting their ideas until I feel like we are on the same page.(even a walk-in) 2) I would redraw a design as many times as took to please the client. I have had many clients that simply wasn't happy until the design looks like a they drew it them self in 8th grade. Once it reaches this point I respectfully decline to do the tattoo. I will add this. My rule is, I will do anything to please the client, but I draw the line when I have to send something out the door I'm not proud of.
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
  8. Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees [ps bg]
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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    Prisma on paper by Scott Dees
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