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  1. this absolutely rules haha
  2. my recent routine to customers has been: -take bandage off 1-2 hours after getting tattooed -wash with warm/hot water and antibacterial soap to open up the pores and let out excess blood/plasma, then rinse with a cool/cold water to close the pores -let air dry then apply THIN layer of aquaphor or preferred ointment (a&d, tattoo goo, h2ocean...whatever works for ya) I dont recommend re-covering/bandaging as the tattoo tends to be swollen/irritated after and with the warmth/blood/plasma could potentially be a bacteria breeding ground.....but everyone has their way!
  3. hello all, glad to be a part of this forum and hope to gain some new online friends and learn as much as possible! looks like a great place for artists as well as collectors to meet and look forward to the future
  4. thanks! glad to be a part of this

  5. Welcome and thanks for joining in on the fun at Last Sparrow Tattoo. I enjoyed your tattoo pictures and hope you'll not only upload more but also do some contribution to the forums and blogs!?

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