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  1. Um sorry for not replying earlier, i don't get on much, anyway this is a photo from 2months ago. The rest of the blackwork is just about done. The artist is Kian Forreal his website: Home | Authentink Studio - Traditional Japanese Tattooing by Sydney Tattoo Artist - HORISUMI - Kian Forreal & Crew Sydney Tattoo Shops & Sydney Tattoo Studios AustraliaAuthentink Studio – Traditional Japanese Tattooing by Sydney Tattoo Artist & Here is the picture i dont have a current one so this will have to do, i will probably take one once the the blackwork is finished..
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. I didn't feel it necessary to start a new thread. So i spoke to him and he basically told me where i wanted it positioned wouldn't look good and i have to agree. So now I'm expanding what i want from thigh to shoulder on one side of my torso. "river style" OK so now my next questions.. WHERE DO I STOP IT. The tattooist is telling my i should venture into a quarter/half sleeve - but atm i don't feel comfortable getting any part sleeved yet. on the other hand in the future when i actually decide to get a sleeve i would probably prefer to get a full sleeve a
  3. Ok so i have a consult this Saturday for my ribs to be tattooed by a well known Ausssie, who specializes in Japanese tattoo. So i was told to bring in any reference material i have on the day. Just wondering how much reference material i should bring in. Especially if someone specializes in it. I don't feel its necessary to bring in a picture of a lotus flower or whatever because i would expect he has done it countless times. So what exactly would i need it bring in as reference material. Would it be bad for me to bring nothing in?
  4. I think this show is rubbish. Some good tattooers tho just the way these tv shows are executed makes them crap.
  5. Sweet tattoo man, im a big fan of hand poked tattoos.
  6. wtf is this, would be pretty cool to levitate someone with a fart.
  7. Ok guys sorry for going off topic with this post but i didn't see the need to post a new topic for it. Just wondering what this symbol is called and what the true meaning is. (without the white pride world wide part) I know it has a lot to do with the white supremacy. But does it represent white skin, or white blood line. eg. against any white person who breeds with another race.. any info will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I havn't read the book but i have seen a few Hiroyoshi III images of what im after.. I will try and source one of his books. Just need to find the time to go to the city to visit the japanese book shop. If i find it ill be sure to let you know how it is... Also thanks everyone else for your suggestions.
  9. No make it say Happy Birthday Rick, it's his birthday tommorow and he'll tottally FLIP.
  10. For me the back was quite easy to do, apart from some places. I had the whole thing done in about 3months or so broken down into 3hr sessions. I found the parts that are your "love handles" was the most painful aswell as when i had a 3hr session on my butt cheek. I went in with an idea my artist drew up a couple stencils for my koi and then drew the rest straight onto my back with a texter, then he altered a couple things and we went at it. He was very quick throughout the whole thing, about 1hr to stencil the koi, about 1hr to put everything on my back. around 1.5hours to tattoo the outlin
  11. Hey i was just curious, i am in the market for a new tattoo i can't seem to find any decent references. I'm looking for a custom drawn tattoo of a Rokurokubi, (for those who don't know: Rokurokubi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) the ones i find are pretty crap at best or not the feel i am after. I am after a more traditional style to go with the rest of my work. Anyway i don't want to just walk into a shop and ask for one' as there are many different poses and styles that the tattooist could do, i may or may not like them. So anyway my question could any of you recommend a Japanese tatt
  12. Hey how's it going, my name is Craig. I'm from Sydney Australia and have been looking through the forum for an hour or so. Just thought id register incase i had anything to add to any of the topics.
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