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  1. Chris

    tattoo machine

    same here,,im always searching for nice frames and also enjoy putting them together!! this came out cool!!
  2. Chris

    grillo machine

    Killer machine!! The Ben Grillo huh??!!
  3. Chris

    tattoo machine

    sweet machine!! did u make it?
  4. hey are the same guy who sells machine on ebay?

  5. Chris


    NIce one Brutha!!
  6. Hey everybody, i had a chance to visit Masters Tattoo in downtown San Diego and sho enuff they had a pretty good display of some old Jonesys and some old rotaries there, the place is like an ole tattoo museum and loads of old flash. i started asking questions about the "swing gates" cuz im not really sure what exactly make a swing gate and the guy at the counter refered me to Greg Deininger, who happened to be a tattoo machine maker who took the time to talk to me about machine stuff and showed me several of his machines,,overall it turned out to be a pretty cool expierience. Masters Tattoo is like 15 minutes from my home and i never have even been in there!! Master Tattoo is on facebook and they have pics of al ltheir machines that they have on display,,pretty cool stuff. later guys!!
  7. IMO, BJ Betts (Vol 1,2,3) and Boog (Vol 1, 2) came out with some good reference books to do good script if you are having trouble coming up with your own style give one of these a try,,i have used these books several times and they have paid themselves off.
  8. Chris


    killer work bro!!
  9. there can be a group started and who ever starts it is probably gunna be a moderator and can screen anyone who wants to join the group. if its anything thing like inkednation used to be,,it will be controlled by who ever starts the group.
  10. sorry for the multiple post this site is driving me nuts,,i post things and they dont show up,,uuuhhg!
  11. i've been using Jason Haney machines,,,they are great combined with some curved bugpins, and i also really like using my Marv Lerning machine..its light and also a grey shader.
  12. i've been using a couple of Jason Haney grey shaders and curved bugpins,,,i love the combination,,the machines run really firm but hit soft and the curved mags.. make the grey shading effortless.
  13. i dont know if its my computer here or this site but everytime i flip form page to page i have to refresh it or i end up posting more than once or not at all.
  14. I have 3 brand new J Carlton Machine i bought for someone that flaked out on me. they are the ones on the top row. if interested message me with an offer or a nice trade.
  15. Chris

    Donnie Irish Grey Shader

    yeah had them made by johnnie from marktforlyf customs.
  16. hey brutha,,this is a really nice site and i love the forums!!

  17. hey brutha,,this is a really nice site,,love the forums!!

  18. Chris

    kissing sailor

  19. Chris


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