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  1. I think thoes praying hands look awesome. these are clearley way in front of others iv seen recently .
  2. Hi from the newbie. god theres so many talented tattoists on here. here goes. the first design was a rough sketch i did for a guy who wanted some comical skulls in various sizes and expressions. he liked it but wasnt sure about the tribal to which i said il refine it more and add instead some kind of spinal type tribal instead leading off at the bottom . il post tatt when he has it done in a few weeks time.
  3. hi i would love to post an image of a design i did for a guy a few weeks back. just havin difficulty posting . how numpty is that. the window poping up is wanting a url. i thought u didnt have to have a hosting site to post images. would llove a bit of advice if thats ok.
  4. Hi i worked in a shop only part time where u expect the owner/ tattooist knew his thing this guy clearley didnt. he couldnt draw. was not artistic in any sense of the word. his lines were wobbly at the best of times. he just wanted the money . which is cool but when u put no feedback into the customers hard earned cash is eye wateringly piss taking. i brought in referance books drawings n flash. all he could do was eat. and count the cash at the end of the day. the tight fuck even had the cheek to try and autoclave used ink caps to save money. fkin unreal . i left shortley after a few weeks thank fuck.
  5. Hi i personally like just the visual books. not that i cant read. just like not to get bogged down sometimes with all the kerfufal. it could be just me being lazy. i remember buying ed hardys tattoo times. eagerly thumbing thru the pages. they was in thin soft backcovers in a few different coloured volumes. seeing the old timers. like gregg irons jack rudy. and many others.also chris wablowskis few books. im sure thats spelt wrong lol. this was a time when i think the only mags i saw was outlaw biker on the stand . eeek . how times have changed . there are so many mags now fighting for ur attention its eyewateringly difficult to choose from. im goin off on a tangent. as for refrence material i used to buy books with the odd design that i liked so wastefull . iv used comics for refrence material n ideas . lol but i might look on amazon for some new titles to have a look at . the web has opened up so much positives regarding ideas and inspiration. which i think is a good thing. but like mp3 downloads have wiped out real vinyl u still like to handle and feel a record in real time n not virtually. so must real books outway images on an i pad to some degree .
  6. HI. i totally agree with the wise bit. and opening doors thru into a fountain of knowledge. and keys with love hearts. but i saw a tattoo in a mag last week. had the sweetest owl perched on a branch with a base ball cap on with the words thug across the front. i nearley choked on my cornflakes pmsl . it was so subtle yet funny to see. now is that owl representing all thats wrong and messed up in this society or just a giggle and light hearted . me thinks the latter.
  7. hi. there so detailed n crisp. it is a shame age does take its tole on micro tatts. but its a toss up 4 something u want now and enjoy and not worrying abt them further down the line or maybe hanging bk .
  8. Hi from the newbie. i really like the piece. was it done over a period or all more or less in a short space of time. and did he ave much input into the lay out. its so nice when they give u free reign to do ur thang. and trust in ur judgment of lay out n colours. i love the guy in the little pod. reminds me of the day the earth stood still. with a mix of iron giant. and ur own twist on all cosmic interpretations. plz post more .
  9. hi . i saw some killer praying hands dont know who did them but they was in a suite with flame tatts on the wrists. also the handcuffed versions are pretty cooltoo. it always reminds me of the naughty catholic goins on, i love the chain link added. hey it cud start a trend. say a doctor could have a stephascope added or say a soldier with dog tags . or maybe im being a dumbass lol. nice ink tho from what i could see from ur phone pic.
  10. its not so much requests its bts of drawn stuff they bring to the table. i did some tribal and drew it all up from scratch and it really looked well and run along the lines of his upper arm and flowed really well . then he brought a piece of paper that had a love heart with a swirl off the top of one side then he said can i have that included . talk about spanner in the works. lol i re drew it to fit in but it just looked clunky but he wasnt goin to take no for an answer so i did it and he was plzd but i wasnt happy personally. i to love to realize peoples ideas and insight what they want in there design. and spend a lot of time in research and drawing and tweeking so there well happy with what i come up with. and 99.9 % of the time they are . but ul always get someone who wants it altered again n again. or a different colour lay out. i think sometimes giving to much choice to the client can hinder the magic.
  11. hi. i like ed hardy old school panthers. or the whispy style of brian everetts. is that guy still around. there are so many good panthers heads about. with the daggers going in at all angles. or the crazy snarling versions.with there eyes rolling round there head . thats just me lol. i saw a neat panthers head on the www.it had like a hand hanging out of its mouth. i do like a twist on an old faithfull design.
  12. hi . this is not so much a nightmare more breathtakingley fucked up, there was a tattooist who opened up in a town not far from me who was doing just walkings. no custom stuff. he marked a load of people but his colours just seemed not to sit right on the skin. and gettin alot of comebacks over this and eventually the enviromental people got involved and it came to light the guy was using food colouring from a grocery store near by. fukin betty crocker ink lol with a side of mayo after care lotion.
  13. i think women can take more pain to a degree. but for me the the chest must rate as being very painfull .i was told once after tattooing some orientel piece around a guys chest n nipple he said it felt like his nipple was being removed lol. but he did also find the front of his shin really painfull too. and this guy was 16 stone solid. me personally the pain is ok in a bearable way. not brave enough yet for some neck work.
  14. Hi its my first post i totally dont get the idea of signing ur work . how vain is that. all the good outstanding artists dont do this practise. i find many images on the web signed.ironicaly the tattoos are usually poorley done anyway. so why would u tag them. as someone else said on this thread u normally can tell who the artist is any way .
  15. as u might of guessed im from surrey england. its so nice to find such a great thought out forum dedicated to the love and interest of this much loved form of art. iv been a long time artist in many mediums. im always drawing and painting when time permits. but bespoke tattooing has always been my passion.and its great i can share stories tips and light hearted humour from a brits prospective.and its nice to hear other artists views aswell . im still finding my way around the site.but would love to correspond with u guys. my weapon of choice are rotarys at the moment but still like my coil machines. but theres so much advance in equipment and ink now its like a minefield out there to choose whats good and whats not. and good forums are worth there weight in gold intenze ink lol. but i look forward to hearing from u guys. thanks for reading my clunky introduction. s