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  1. You're absolutely right. I used to work in customer service at a front desk a couple of years back and I know it can be very rough and that's why I usually approach people in the friendliest way possible. But sometimes I forget. And on that day the place was totally packed so I should have given him some slack. Anyway, I don't want to offend anyone and will definitely think about what I post online next time. Thank you for pointing that out.
  2. Does this style of tattooing take twice as long and cost twice as much as getting a tattoo by machine? I thought about getting a 3/4 sleeve by Shinji. I've had consultations with Shinji and he's a real cool dude, but now I am having second thoughts. I've saved about $4,000 to get a sleeve by machine but tebori will cost twice as much? Thanks!
  3. I met with Kaz, who you used work at NYAdorned. He has a private studio in the east village. So right now, I'm thinking Shinji, Kaz, or Regino Gonzales.
  4. I'm getting ready to get my first ever tattoo after alot of research. So many great tattooer's here in NYC. I will post as soon as I get it, which by the way, wont be for a couple of months--looking to get 3/4 japanese sleeve. Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Yeah, I thought it was pretty awesome that he kept his word. When we both got out at the same subway stop he asked me my name and said, "your name is on top of the list" smiling. I stopped by Adorned and spoke with the duchebag hipster guy in the front almost a week ago. Shinji wasn't in, but I left my name and told him that I had a booked consult with Shinji 3 weeks earlier and wanted to set up the date for the outline. This front desk guy acted like I was bothering him so I don't know if he passed along the message. I told Shinji that I would let him know about doing the outline in December,
  6. @slayer9019 That makes total sense -- not to do anything until a week before and after money is dropped. I would imagine alot of these guys have people back out in the last minute and their time drawing was wasted. That would piss me off. I spoke with Regino in July and it was the most efficient 5 minute talk. He liked my ideas and was excited about it. He told me his rate, that he usually works 2 hrs at a time, and when I was ready to talk to the front desk guy to leave a deposit and set a date.
  7. Thank you to all that have responded! I would love to get a piece from each one, but only have enough for one right now. I thought Shinji did both machine and tebori. It was only at the consultation that I learned he does the outline by machine and shading by tebori - which would probably double what I have saved. He gave me a rough estimate of completeing the sleeve in 8 or 9 months. I told both Chris & Shinji that I wanted to start in early 2012. I also told Chris yesterday that I had spoken to Shinji but again, I wasn't clear about being undecided. Both Chris and Shinji are quiet and l
  8. Yes, you're right. In all the research I've done I didn't realize that a consultation is more or less a finalization. What I really don't want is for these guys to draw something and then I go "sorry, I'm not using you." But the artist doesn't draw anything until you leave a deposit, right? From all the interviews I've seen and read on these guys I knew they were not snobs, so I should have gone with the first person who contacted me. I feel like such a douche and feel a little stressed about this. BTW, the artists are Shinji & Chris O Donnell. I know, I know -- you can't go wrong with eit
  9. I have a consultation etiquette question if anyone can help me out... Recently, I was lucky enough to get consultations with two well known tattoo artists here in NYC-both do great Japanese work. One of the artists is Japanese and does tebori. Anyway, when exchanging emails they both asked me to come in for a consult. My intention at the consultations was to inquire about rates and scheduling and ideas and see if I vibed with them. This would be my first tattoo-a 3/4 Japanese sleeve. I thought I was being clear that I just wanted general info - BUT both artists took outlines of my arm and wer
  10. I love tattoos! Glad I found this great site.
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