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  1. I've read a lot of good stuff on how to care for a new tattoo, but what I want to know is how to care for a tattoo in the after years. What were and are your steps to keeping your tattoo looking good years later? :confused:
  2. the best tattoo is a bigger tattoo, the two you have looks more like one big piece and that gives it a more impressive and more detailed look. I dont know I think the same thing about not just traditional, but all styles of tattoos that way. More is better
  3. Pros of the show: Having Oliver on the show and the fact that the judges teach good from bad Cons of the show: Over dramaticised, a stupid time limit, not enough focus on the art and artists The show is just not what I was hoping for, who knows maybe it will get better?
  4. The show just ended and I will not be watching the next episode, it was just terrible
  5. Yeah the overly hyped dram bull shit is freaking annoying, I think that Oliver needs more air time because he is a funny SOB and I think it would actually be more interesting if instead of competition it was just about the art and artists, but hey thats just me
  6. Anyone watching the new Ink Master, sorry if there was a previous thread I couldn't find it. They're tattooing pigs right now and the work is looking pretty good, I'm just not a fan of them having a time limit.
  7. Props to Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, without his influence its hard to imagine where the tattoo society would be right now without his work. RIP
  8. The longest I've gone without getting tattooed from legal age was about 5 months, just got the outline of the koi rib tattoo done about four weeks and will start coloring in two weeks. Nothing quite as exciting or nerve racking as getting a new piece to the collection :)
  9. I'm no tattoo artist, but I think that the top three for 2012 is going to be: 1. Script Calligraphy Style 2. Tigers 3. Cartoon Characters
  10. I hope to get my rib koi finished, then get to work on my chest, and start working it all into a traditional meets new school japanese sleeve and chest. Just can't do it all in one year, but it does look like its going to be a good year and hope everyone has a bitchin 2012, except until the Apocalypse comes :)
  11. All of my favorite works are all copyrighted and rightfully so, but luckily one of my favorite day of the dead girls is not and it was done I think this year by Liz Cook. I really love her work also I do not own this image and this is not my tattoo.
  12. Thanks man I'll have to check out 1896 sometime and see where that takes me
  13. It's not so much the city as its the artist if I find a really good artist in Boise then I'll check them out and take a look at their work. If I find an artist that I like who is in another state then yes I would be willing to wait, but I don't know what next city to move to as I chose Twin because of the school and I know people here so I guess wherever I can find a good job is my next move so I don't know where I'm going next so its all random and crazy for me right now. If you know some artist work that I should look at I would love to as I'm always looking to expand my horizon.
  14. Thanks man I'll have to check in on those spots sometime in the near future
  15. Yes I usually do, but before I go in I like to draw something as a counter point. It's just sort of a thing I have where I just feel like I need to have a lot of reference before I get a new tattoo
  16. I've only been in Twin for a short time and it's already a s*** hole, I gotta get out of here but I have to stay here longer for school. I would be willing to go further out than Boise, but time and money constraints are just the thorn in my side right now. Thanks for the shops to look at bigjoe I'll have to check them out and look at their work, oh and I'm thinking after my rib tattoo I'm going to do a traditional style crown and heart design on my back, but I'm drawing it and I don't draw well so its probably going to be days before I like it anything I draw up. Thanks for all the responses
  17. I moved to a town called Twin Falls, Idaho a short time ago and there aren't really any good artists in this area. The closest place is Boise, Idaho and if anyone knows of any good artists that I should check out some feedback would be awesome. Peace
  18. InkPlease


    Yeah I have a pic up about the calf, but it is kind of a bad pick and it was done by a friend. I posted this when I lived in San Diego County, but did a fast paced move to Twin Falls, Idaho a little nowhere town. Thanks for the post will be posting much more in the future
  19. I'll have a pic soon I just haven't been able to take a good enough picture showing what I'm talking about, so I'll have to get a better camera and post a pic soon
  20. My first tattoo I did was small simple lines I washed once a day and applied lotion a couple of times a day and it scabbed up and faded. Then I got my second tattoo a phoenix on my calf and I washed it once a day, applied Currel lotion to it four times a day, kept it out of the sun, didn't leave it in water everything I thought I should have been doing and it scabbed up real bad and now six months later it looks like there is a little bit of fade and I may have to get it touched up. I have a full rib piece that I just started the lining I washed it, put lotion, did all the same and after a week and a half it still scabbed up and I'm nervous that the same thing that happened to my phoenix will happen to my new piece, is there something I'm missing? I'm going in soon to get my shading started and would like to know what anyone would suggest for sensitive and easiliy scabbed tattoo skin? All advice would be greatly appreciated :confused:
  21. I started this tattoo my second day after my move just to start my move with sort of a bang and went to an artist that a few of my friends recommended, it is also no where near complete and I appreciate the comments, but I would like to see more visuals of what you would suggest I add. I'm more of a visual learner so those always help
  22. I moved away from San Diego I was meaning to update that faster, but yeah it was a sudden move
  23. Hey everyone just wanted to show you guys my work in progess, I just got this done today and with a new tattoo artist (Moved to a different city) as you see its just the lining so far, but I think its starting to look really good. What do you guys think? :cool:
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