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  1. Wow man! That's a great cover, really love it, blew my mind, you can't see anything of what was before the cover!
  2. Hello Adam and welcome to LPT, glad to see this comunity growing!
  3. Hello Nano, pretty curious style of yours, i like it tho, keep it going!
  4. Hello Erica, don't worry about that i have had a few tattoos that started like that but at the end came up pretty good (with almost no scars), so don't worry, sometimes it takes more time to heal, i'm not a tattoo artist so i don't know that much about this things but i guess that happens deppending in what ink or what needle or machine you use (apart for the actual body of course)
  5. Welcome Jack, I'd love to see your work, and if you came here to learn from others you have come to the right place! so many people and so many things!
  6. Hello from Spain, always wanted to go to Canada! Let's see what you got
  7. Hello James, it's always good to see new artist here! Im dying to see your work
  8. Wow man great tattos! I like'em a lot! Welcome to the forum hope you get what you came for!
  9. Hello and welcome, I'm sad to hear your story, I hope that everything will get eventually good for you, although I doesn't have had as much troubles as you I've suffered as well as chronical depression and I know it's a whole lot of bad time, can't imagine how it is with all your other problems. About the tattoo, if you really want that tattoo it woudln't matter how old you are, but, since you want a meaningful tattoo I wouldn't recommend to ask recommendations to people, if it is something you came up by yourself it will be a lot better than a sugestion, so take your tiem and don't rush. (I'
  10. Hello guys my name is Edd and I'm happy to have found this forum, everyone seems to be so good and all the tattoos that you get to see in here... I hope I can meet some interesting people!
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