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  1. Nearly two years ago I posted here suggesting Adam Kitamoto for a Tiger. I now have one of my own haha.
  2. That's awesome man! I love the little one. His brown horns remind me of Shenron the eternal dragon from Dragon Ball Z. Coincidentally that is what I have decided to name mine haha. Have you given your's names? (forgive the awful quality pictures)
  3. Do you have a Dragon or Dragons?
  4. @bongsau I like it! I think maybe a snake would be a worthy opponent!
  5. @AverageJer Great minds must think alike! I am actually half way through a Traditional Japanese Dragon sleeve by Adam Kitamoto in Melbourne. I think maybe a similar idea with snakes would have a similar affect. Great suggestions :)
  6. @marley mission I really like that style actually. All sorts of bits and pieces fitting together to fill the gaps. That is kind of what i have been doing down my leg and got some smoke and haze for the filler.
  7. Hey Folks! So as most of us do I have decided I would like to expand one of my current tattoos. I am aware it would have been much better to map out a full back piece from the start but unfortunately that isn't an option for me anymore. As you can see I have a symmetrical owl on my upper back with lots of extra room on my lats all the way down to my waist line. I have a fair bit of a V taper so anything I add would need to flow in a way that made the owl the dominant subject of the whole tattoo. I am looking for any advice or suggestions around what could work. Pictures of ideas or themes would be great! Thanks everyone 🙂
  8. Sup! This is my first thread so forgive me if i am doing something wrong. I recently started my chest piece and at this point I've only had the outline done. I super happy with the start of it but i'm looking for some ideas around extending it out to the full width of my chest and on to the front of my shoulder a little bit. I did start my chest piece earlier than I expected as I am starting a sleeve soon in April. I knew i wanted the chest to overlap the top of the sleeve rather than the other way around. Any advice or ideas on this would be awesome. cheers James
  9. Dr Pickles Paw Paw ointment... Stuff is nice as!
  10. I work at a University in Australia in an fairly formal office environment. The kind of place you would think you would have issues having visible tattoos. All my colleagues know about my tattoos but they are pretty much hidden all the time. I'm starting a sleeve in April and my boss is totally cool with me wearing short sleeve shirts. She even said "i cant wait to see it" I guess i'm one of the lucky ones.
  11. Great Job! The red and blue contrast well!
  12. They will find out eventually... Think of it like ripping off a band-aid.
  13. The middle of my back was my worst... bear in mind i have had my ankle, knee and sternum all done. Weird hey?
  14. I remember seeing a guy at the shop with two Japanese sleeves when i was about 8 years old. Now about to start my first of two Japanese sleeves. Long term inspiration.
  15. Adam Kitamoto does some great Japanese Tattoos. Check out this back piece. http://www.brainked.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Captura-de-pantalla-2015-11-01-a-las-22.25.07.png
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