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  1. Session 3. Steve really put on a lot of ink this time. I was shaking a bit during the first hour and not doing well with the pain, but Steve said to relax my entire body and left the pain "flow through my body". When I did this, the experience completely changed. Obviously, it still hurt, but I was able to breathe through it and find some calmness. I'm very happy with the progress so far and Steven is pumped too! Close up
  2. Session 2 with Steve Moore. Another 3 hours into the back. He wasn't lying that the lining was more painful than shading. But the shading is still pretty bad haha
  3. Definitely going full colour. Steve Moore excels at colour so I'm taking full advantage.
  4. I have tried to get Steve Moore to tattoo me for 3-4 years now. Last year, he finally emailed me back and accepted my project for a full back piece. Steve Moore is absolutely a professional. He researched tons for this piece. He looked at photographs of monkeys, martial artists, and other reference pictures. He mentioned that he debated about how to put the orientation of the Monkey King's foot and used a martial artist's monkey style to duplicate it. I think it looks amazing and the details on it just blew me away. I love how Steve put our collaboration ideas together. Anyways, here's the
  5. Do you have any other tattoos? Just wondering how the pain of the chest compared to elsewhere
  6. That looks great! Love the vividness of the colours and design!
  7. I had a European artist refuse my tip..... That was pretty amazing after hearing about how tipping was expected in the industry. I think it really depends on the artist's culture and his own ethics
  8. I find people who don't know tattoos always ask this question. I hate it lol. But I always try to explain that tattoos don't always have to have a special inner meaning. If it looks awesome, then it's awesome. It's art and not meant to be a poem.
  9. Not that big of a deal at my place of work (government). As long as it's not on the neck, face and hands, then it's all good. Oh and as long as it's not offensive
  10. Got my appointments set with Steve Moore and started my full back piece
  11. Arm only had a few sore spots, but I haven't started my bicep yet. The back outline was the most painful for me. Nasty spot for me.
  12. I finished my 3 sessions with Domantas in Lithuania and just started my full back with Steve Moore. Can't wait to get these sessions under way
  13. I had my first session with Steve Moore yesterday and we finished up the outline for my Monkey King. I have about 48 hours of tattooing under my belt so far and this outline session was only 3 hours, but the most uncomfortable and painful 3 hours yet! I've read a lot on full backs and apparently they can be quite sharp, but I had a hard time in quite a few spots. For example, often I can keep my breathing and just flow through the pain, but this session had me clenching my jaw, face and just suffering. Steven started chatting with me and it really helped distract me. Steve Moore is absolutely
  14. Hey LST forum, I'm a new member from Canada. Recently started collecting tattoos and have about 51 hours so far under my belt. I have work from Augis, Carlos Angarita, Domantas, and recently Steve Moore. I'm looking to contribute to this forum and see more excellent tattoos! Thanks, Leo
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