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  1. Even if I could, I wouldn't get tattoo'd too frequently. Getting a tattoo and falling in love with the piece I got is a fun part of the process for me, so I feel like if I got tattoo'd too much, that experience wouldn't be as fore-filling. Hope I'm making sense here.
  2. If I didn't bring my fiance to my most recent session I would not have lasted. He was a big support and the best distraction I could have hoped for.
  3. I don't want to get a traditional 'MUM' in a banner type tattoo because my brother has one like that. I want to get an owl because she loves owls :)
  4. Thank you for responding :) Honestly, before I got it done, I assumed that my back would be easiest (didn't realize about the scar tissue thing) because I'm not thin so there's plenty of tissue back there, didn't realize that nerve endings and stuff comes into it lol.
  5. I really like getting tattoos and have a couple, whereas my fiance has none and doesn't see himself getting any in the future, but I am perfectly okay with that because he respects that I enjoy getting tattoos.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been browsing this forum over the last couple of days since I got part 2 done on my back tattoo and thought I'd finally sign up! :) I've learnt so much since I started scrolling through this forum, you're all so informative. I do have a question though: I was wondering if back tattoos have the potential to be more painful than other areas. I have 2 tattoos on my wrists and one on my hip, they didn't hurt nearly as much as my back has. Granted my back piece is a lot larger than the other 3 tattoos I have, and it has been a cover up. Also I got a massive sunburn as a child which caused blisters so I had scar tissue from that and my artist said that it can be more painful to tattoo over scar tissue. I'm just wondering if I'm a wuss or if other people have experienced similar pain? You guys are all awesome :)
  7. This is a coverup in progress, I have one more session to go. I am highly impressed with the artists work, I thought it would be impossible to look good after the mess I made in my early 20's.