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  1. Haha I didn't have a clue man so I googled, it does look like a guitar stomp box thing but it's not, it's a footswitch for tattooing and the cables to go with it, I needed new so I made one. Cheers none the less haha
  2. @cltattooing thanks man, no this one is a push to make because that's what I needed haha, will be doing some in colours to match the cables, and whatever is asked for, latching/none latching cable length ect
  3. Howdo all, been away a while just thought I'd share what I've been upto lately, would really appreciate some feedback. Instagram
  4. scott


    Eagle by Scott h
  5. Ill throw this in the mix. valerie vargas frith street
  6. heres one from last night, Ill post another when she's healed.
  7. scott


    Valerie Vargas fine line lady head
  8. The eagle/snakes mine as well haha productive month.
  9. Back of calf was an eye opener for sure, dont know how much it had to do with not sleeping or eating before hand but it sucked none the less.
  10. Im the proud owner of the lady head on valeries instagram!!
  11. It was just below the sternum for me..... Glad theres over with.
  12. scott


    Mines @scotlta its a new account started painting again recently so it just flash at the min.
  13. Finished up my front yesterday, getting a 1 shot girl head at the end of the month. This is the year of single session tattoos, well.......
  14. Had 3 hours on my stomach/sort of groin area, and a bit here and there... Why do I do this to myself.
  15. Could well be the last session on my eagle/snake front by valerie in a week!! When its done Ill stick it in the tattoo of the month for all to see
  16. @pcloevr its already been said but see a doctor as soon as you can, my advice is to leave it to heal loose fitting long sleeves if you want to cover it dont bandage it and dont put any creams/ointments on it, let it breathe.
  17. I had a session on my front yesterday upper shoulder down to lower belly....... One more session to go!
  18. Been a little disheartened lately but heres the first thing Iv painted in a really long time. Ink on arches 15" x 11"
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