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  1. Haha, speaking of tattoos going mainstream...I know this is a little off topic but I want to talk to people about it! :] I just saw a premiere clip for a new show on Spike TV called, "Ink Master" and it actually looks like a pretty bomb idea for a competition show. Jane's Addiction rock-and-roller, Dave Navarro is hosting and Oliver Peck (Kat Von D’s ex) and Chris Nunez (from “Miami Ink”) will be the "experts". I am interested to see who the artists are that will be competing and also excited to see all the drama unfold, haha because it wouldn't be a reality show if it didn't. So, who is goi
  2. You're less likely to be bored of a tatt if it has personal significance though :/
  3. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!
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