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  • Birthday 12/31/1980

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    East Coast born, world traveler and tattoo collector.
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    currently live in Seattle Washington
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    Skateboards, Art, Paintings, Tattoos and Tattoo collecting, Traveling, Boxer Dog rescuer...
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    Union Electrician , IBEW Local 46

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  1. in progress by Adrian Lee Analog Tattoo
  2. Thanks man! yeah dumb and dumber totally rules, and shaun was the perfect candidate to perfect this tattoo.

  3. Hey Lyle. Thanks dude. You have an awesome collection yourself! Really enjoyed flipping through your gallery here. That Shaun Nel "pretty bird" piece is pure genius. You must really like Dumb and dumber :)

  4. epic collection my bro!

  5. Joel Kennedy Under the Needle Tattoo Seattle Wa
  6. Ian Duca Alki Beach Tattoo Seattle
  7. Atom Messmer ArtCore Studios Georgetown/Seattle
  8. Matt Shamah Analog tattoo San Jose CA
  9. Curt Baer Championship tattoo redding ca
  10. Juan Puente' Black Heart Tattoo. SF
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