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  1. If you're going to do a half sleeve now but want it to be a full sleeve later, you will need to plan it accordingly. Like if you do a koi on your upper arm then you have to think that everything below it will be in water.
  2. I would imagine that I'm not the only person with a sketch book or peg board of stuff I want to tattoo. I know several people will post designs on their instagram of stuff they wanna do as well.
  3. Tom renshaw, doing realistic black and gray animal/nature has been his thing for longer than most folks have been tattooing. He's in Michigan, which is a little over 5 hours from Rochester.
  4. Howdy, your English isn't that bad. Start doing some visits to shops to look at work that they've done and ask questions. Find someone who you feel comfortable with that can do the tattoo you want.
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  7. You got tattooed by rudy, that's all that matters. Your tattoo is just a souvenir of a excellent life experience. That cannot be copied.
  8. I was born in springfield. Grew up in georgia and then spent the last 15 years in dayton.
  9. because I sound too hillbilly to have done it?...haha
  10. my buddy andy blair is working at resurrected in Syracuse. he does nice work and is a genuinely good guy. the rest of the folks there do nice work as well, but andy is the only one i know personally.
  11. it was song in the air, still looking for false cathedrals. I suppose it wasn't actually an early one. Haha. It was a lot different from us songs. Still good but not what I expected.
  12. List of stuff that came out that I didn't get to buy that I want? Haha Corrosion of conformity Crowbar Eye hate god Pallbearer Pilgrim Tombs Yob Black anvil Electric wizard Mark lanegan Tryptykon And the stuff I did buy: Run the jewels 2 Afghan whigs Ben Howard And a few used things.. Drag the river-s/t Crosses An early elliot album
  13. Be confident, embrace who you are and show love no matter how anyone treats you.
  14. No database...not every piece of flash has been sold. Even when it has it is usually from one tattooer to another. Look at flash in shops is your best chance. With that said, keep your eye out for flash by tron. Just a guess based on what info you gave.
  15. According to an overly excited drunk fellow who was admiring flash in the shop, "tattoos invented skulls"
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