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  1. Bedroom Wolf from Topper @ Philadelphia Eddie's
  2. Hyottoko mask by Gus @ Olde City Tattoo
  3. Girl head by Todd Noble at Right Coast Tattoo
  4. Speed Skull by Topper @ Philadelphia Eddie's
  5. Dragon by Topper @ Philadelphia Eddies
  6. Gorilla Head by Chad Koeplinger @ Pagoda City Fest
  7. I really like Salty Walt and Joel D Long's stuff. Opposite ends of the spectrum but I have a work conference there in June and would like to get tattooed. Can you gals recommend any artists or shops that I should definitely check out? My AirBnB is by the convention center but I can take an Uber somewhere if need be.
  8. diggin your collection

    1. Dopesmoker


      Sick, thanks dude.

  9. Script done in 2009, Eagle and Flags in 2015 by Mike Hooligan at Kadillac Deuce Tattoo
  10. Eric did this little guy on a whim in Northeast Philadelphia around Halloween 2014
  11. When Mike Hooligan and Scott Bakoss opened a shop 4 blocks from my house I had to walk over and get some work.
  12. Weed Tiger on my knee by Mike Hooligan at Kadillac Deuce Tattoo Done on a Friday night walk-in
  13. Sweet and Sour Babies done by Mike Fite at Philadelphia Tatoo convention 2015. No appointments, walked up and drawn up. In and out of there in an hour. Bought one of his wild ass t shirts to boot. Will get work from Mike again whenever possible.
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